63 Kmpl Mileage On Yamaha Fz-S(using HHO kit) Ownership Review By Ashwin Gan



We can observe that the Indian biking scene is changing drastically. Earlier, it was easy to buy an automobile because we didn’t have many options to choose from but now, the scene has changed. The manufacturers are competing each other with the technical concepts like power and torque among the same displacement engines.The new era of automobile enthusiasts are having a tough time choosing their ride comparing all the technical aspects which satisfies their requirements. Apart from the power, the next main thing which we Indians are concerned is the mileage! With the increasing fuel prices, its really hard to meet our dream of purchasing a performance oriented bike. Some of them even have to sacrifice their dream machine because of its mileage figures. Likewise, even i had to. But not anymore..So, here goes my review about my ride and my experiments and experiences with it..


First let me give you a brief intro about myself. I’m Ashwin, an engineering student from Kerala sharing the ownership view about my macho.. “The Lord of the Streets”.Yeah, you guessed right! It’s the YAMAHA FZ-S.

Update:- Ashwin Gan sold his Yamaha FZ-S and bought a new Honda CBR 250R. Here’s Why!

The technical specs of this machine goes like this :

  • Engine type: Air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC
  • Displacement: 153.0cc
  • Bore & Stroke: 58.0 × 57.9mm
  • Compression ratio: 9.5:1
  • Maximum output: 14PS @ 7500 rpm
  • Maximum torque: 13.6 N.m @ 6000 rpm
  • Starting method: Electric & Kick
  • Fuel Supply: Carburetor
  • Clutch type: Wet, multiple-disc
  • Transmission type: Constant mesh 5-speed
  • Cylinder layout: Single Cylinder
  • Battery: 12 V, 5.0 Ah
  • Frame type: Diamond
  • Suspension (front/rear): Telescopic/ Swingarm
  • Wheelbase: 1,334mm
  • Brake type(front/rear): Disc/Drum
  • Headlight: 12 V, 35/35W
  • Length × Width × Height: 1,973 mm × 770 mm × 1,090 mm
  • Wheelbase: 1,334 mm
  • Minimum ground clearance: 160 mm
  • Kerb weight: 135 kg
  • Fuel tank volume: 12 liters

Again, as mentioned earlier, choosing my ride was an ambiguous task! I wanted my first ride be a good performer in all aspects but my parents restricted the displacement to 150cc for my first ride. Now, who is the best performer? Apache? Fz? R15? confused! After hours and days of googling comparing the specs, I finalised the R15. But again, the problem was mileage. The low mileage and increasing petrol prices was a problem for a college student like me belonging to a middle class family.So, had to go with the Fz! It’s mileage figures were 40-45kmpl in city and 45 to 50 kmpl in highways as said by the salesman. It sounded okay for me. After a week of sleepless nights and endless dreaming, i finally got the most awaited call from the showroom. I rushed there and saw the macho standing right outside. I kept my hands on it and turned on the ignition. Oh God! The feel which u get when you see the LED display of tachometer goin all the way up and coming back with all the lights on the dashboard flashing is just amazing! Hard to express in words.. The engine starting signal seemed like an example for the spirit of innovation. So, from this point begins my biking story.. To be exact, it starts at 6:05 PM on 17/06/2012.

Now, each kind of biker has a different taste. Some like big fairing, while some like the aggressive, naked and bold looks (exactly my choice). Having a triple macho design, there wont be any one who could miss this one on the road.The 140mm rear tyre (MRF revz) is the biggest in India providing 60% aspect ratio. MRF tyres has made this radial tubeless tyre exclusively for the FZ. The front tyre is of 100mm (MRF Zapper), which is very impressive. The broad tires help you twist and turn with ease. I make the turns tilting the bike till my shoes scratches on the road. It’s fun!

The short 1.5m exhaust pipe adds to the unique feeling of the bike to give a sense of volume an external diameter of 35mm is adopted in a two-layer type exhaust to minimize the effect of heat on the pipe. The muffler of this machine is an irregular shaped tapered type mid-ship muffler which adds a great look to the bike and also helps maintaining the centre of gravity of the machine.The 267mm diameter brakes assist in doing easy stoppies. The Monocross rear suspension provides 120 mm of wheel travel, while optimized oil and damping valve specs help ensure agile running performance and handling. The mono suspension is great and can be adjusted which helps you to tune according to the road conditions.

So, it’s clear that doing stunts in FZ is a piece of cake because of its key features like mass centralisation and its ultra broad tires and also the front beefy fork adds to it’s muscular looks.You cannot compare the FZ with the other premium bikes in India because each ride has its own feel. The 153cc engine of this bike is designed for the urban commute.The machine churns out 14 Nm of torque just at 6000 rpm. The mid range thrust and the highly tuned throttle response are designed to give you the feel of a ultra-powerful bike in the urban ride.

Now, coming to the main topic of any Indian bikers’ concern. The fuel efficieny!As i have mentioned earlier, 40 to 45 kmpl in city and 45 to 50kmpl in highways was the figures told by the salesman. Being a bike enthusiast, i read various articles about automobiles and once i came across the article about “how to run in your bike”. Found it really helpful. I followed it for the first 1000kms.By the way, during the first service interval, my bike showed overheating problems and the mileage figures were around 40 to 45 kmpl. I never went above 50 for the first 1000 kms. After completing the crucial run in period, the mileage figures were around 48 kmpl.

Now, since i have a habit of reading articles, once i was searching for mileage boosters in internet. I have seen many articles some saying its fake and some which guarantees the boost. It was called HHO kit. So, being curious, i contacted the seller whom i found from an advertisement in quikr.com. He gave me the details and an assurance of 20 to 40% of guaranteed mileage increase. Now, who doesn’t want more mileage? I wanted to make sure whether it really works or not before buying it. So, i took the contact no. of one of his customers who fitted this thing in his Bajaj Discover at Coimbatore. Had a talk with him and he said he used to get 70 kmpl and now he is getting 90 kmpl it seems! Now, that made me more curious to test it.

It costed Rs.2700 and I ordered it. I got the courier within two days. The kit had a cell (with water in it), an adapter and an instruction manual in it. I took it to the Yamaha Service Center to get it fixed. The service people were like “You will loose your warranty and lose engine life and blah blah.” I took the risk and gave it to them.Next day I received a call from them saying “Sir, your bike is ready.” That evening I went to collect it and to my amusement, the service guys who had an angry face before had a punctual smile on their face. As soon as I entered, one of them came to me, shook my hand and said “Your bike is ready sir, and we have fitted the kit you gave. We tested your bike with 100ml of petrol and your bike is returning a mileage of 63kmpl!“. I was like.. Seriously? It was really a jaw dropping incident. Can u imagine how it sounds when someone says a 63kmpl FZ? Yeah! That’s what i felt too.

Let me share my experiences with you after fitting the kit.My bike became noiseless and the emission levels came down far lower than before and let me tell you, there is no change in the acceleration and speed since many people have questioned me about this! Now, its been an year and the odo has clocked over 12000 kms after fitting the kit. No problem to engine no change in performance. Still the same lord of the streets with an unbelievable mileage. I find it one of the worthiest investments i have ever made.


Here is the brief description about the HHO kit :

HHO is a hydrogen-oxygen compound. HHO gas is produced by a simple process of electrolysis. If you apply a DC current into water, it is being split up into its elementshydrogen and oxygen hydro tuning’s HHO Systems have small HHO generators filled with water and connected to a small water reservoir. This system uses the electrolysis process to produce HHO gas while you are driving. The power needed for this is taken from your vehicle’s battery. When introduced into the combustion chamber of any engine, HHO helps to burn the fuel fully and in a cleaner way. It also burns as a self-contained fuel supplementing and replacing a certain amount of gasoline.

Now, i guess many of them will think how does thing look like after its fitted. Well, there are people asking me “Hey, whats that thing? Have you got Nitrous Oxide fitted in your bike or what?” lol! Yeah that’s how it looks like.Thats all about the mileage. A 63 kmpl FZ!

Like the fact stating no one is perfect, same applies to automobiles. Here are some of the drawbacks i felt :

1.The dashboard has a toyish appearance and lacks a clock and dual trip meter.

2.The Head light visibility is very poor at night. You will have to overcome by using xenon lamps or projectors. I have got my fz fitted with a projector with a colour temp. of 8000k (ice berg blue light) with a green angel eye around. Now, it looks awesome! but after fitting it i came across the article about the projectors and its colour temperatures. found that only the colour temperatures from 4000K to 6000K are legal in India and above that, everything is illegal! so, be careful before buying.

3.Gets attracted to dirt due to naked styling so, makes you busy with a bucket and mug during rainy season!

4.The pillion seat is uncomfortable. They have resolved the problem in the new edition but the old one cannot be modified since there is a change in the chassis itself.

5.The mud defender at the rear is a waste because, while riding at rainy seasons the whole mud and dirt will be thrown at the pillion’s back! but now, they have additional accessories which is overlaid on the mud defender and solves the problem.

6.Now, since the odo has clocked over 18000 kms, the chain cannot be adjusted anymore it seems as said by the service guy. its the time for the chain and sprocket replacement.

7.The seats are very stiff making long rides miserable. while going for long rides, the butt aches starts since the first hour itself. so, during long journeys, the bike shows no signs of tireness but you do.

Now, apart from these minor drawbacks, its one of the best choice to opt for under 150 to 160cc category and i am completely satisfied with my ride. The above review is based on my own experience and doesn’t mean to harm or offend anyone. Having spent your precious time reading my review, I hope you found it worth and useful.Always respect your ride and ride safe!

Note : There must be people who offend the fact that i’m getting such mileage figures. To them, come here, grab the keys and test it yourself!

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    thanks for the review buddy, but

    if that kit can give great mileage then why companies refusing to add them for bikes, think about it, somewhere it affects the engine durability and performance too, and also you’ll loose manufacturer warranty too !!

  8. Amardeep

    Hello Ashwin, Nice review & nice photos 🙂
    I have FZ16 & I am planning to get this kit installed in my bike.
    Which brand’s you installed, Because here in Maharashtra there are number of brands. & Pricing range is Rs1200-5500.
    Please guide something.

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    Hai my name is nagu…recently i purches a Fz-s bike new adition in august 2013 but know
    On words my bike gives 40km per 1liter ..bull shit..how to increase my bike mileage.
    How to buy hho kit in vijayawada

  10. G.Prithviraj

    I bought Fzs one month ago .It is giving around 33Kmpl. Where do i get HHO kit in chennai??? Iam eager on improving my bike’s mileage.Please reply at the earliest.

    1. Ashwin Gan

      I have no idea about the distributors dude. You could do one thing, contact the seller and ask him to courier you the kit. Thats how i did. 🙂
      Here is the contact no. of the seller from where i bought mine : Mr. Madhusudhanan +919387302501

  11. athul

    i tried this hho kit. but its not working..All these details are big fake…friends don’t waste your money…

    1. Ashwin

      Athul, before telling others, why dont you realise the fact that you have been cheated by the seller. Buy from a trusted seller and then think once again on what you said.

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        thanking you

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  14. Tarun

    Hi Friends,
    I have just had my unit professionally installed and I have to say what a great product! I am getting an increase in my MPG. This is shown by the trip odometer showing X mileage to Y gallons of gas. Everyone knows that Y/X = MPG! I am getting a 40% increase so my wallet is losing less money, I would recommend this option to everyone
    Link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Eco-Spray/454128131333634

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    1. Ashwin

      I have no idea about it Sanjay. Why don’t you contact the seller and find out whether it is genuine or not.

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        hey Ashwin….good job..i just wanna know how often u need to change the water of the HHO kit… i myself have designed an HHO kit for cars and i know that it requires frequent water changing…whats ur experience…??

  15. meer shamsudeen

    hai ashwin……i have a doubt about this HHO kit .does the compound inside the kit get emptied after certain running….because its just a chemical water so it may get vapourised is’nt it..??
    please leave comments below

      1. Jayaprakash

        Hi ashwin, saw ur review about using HHO kit, I would like to know the chemical water refill cost and frequency of refilling. What is the effect on the engine life by using the kit?

  16. Jestin

    hi ashwin…great review…me too order for this product today….

    Mob :- +91 9387 302 501 , +91 9037 252 966
    e-mail : mileagesolutions@gmail.com

    this is the contact information of mr.madhusoodhanan
    ….he’s frm calicut…
    I don kno how ths gnna work…hv got an idea about the installation and am goin to fix it myself…
    So i wl share the results after the installation….

    1. Vasu

      Jestin did hho kit after u got fixed.. Did that really worked??? R u getting increased Mpl…..????

  17. surendra

    aswin ur review is most useful to fz user plz give me hho kit avail store address nd phone number

  18. Sudhin

    Hi Jestin, did it work?…? Any idea will it decrease engine life? Please share the result asap:)

  19. Jestin

    hi..pls dnt buy from the above seller Mr.madhusoodhanan till i get the item……coz, i gave him the payent on 26th nov 2013…but till now i havnt received item…he had told me that, he will text the tracking id of the courior just after the shipment…but i havnt yet received that too…..and nw he is not answering my cal…guys.., pls wait till i receive the item…after that i will share you the experience…

    Am using Yamaha FZ S 2013 Model….my contact no is 97447782156


      I am already send the courier,,,,,,,,,,,, Now he is doing trial ryt now ………………

      pls contact Mr Jestin for the TRUTH <<<<<<<<<<<<

  20. Ashwin

    That sounds strange! I received the courier within 2 days. You better try to keep on contacting him.

    1. carthick

      Ashwin plz send the contact number to buy the hho kit I’m confused with more comments thanks in advance…
      My mobile 9791565665

  21. shakeel

    I purchase a new yamaha sz-r 3 months ago.There is only one problem in my bike yamaha sz-r when i drive 40-50 speed on highway it gives 50 kmpl.but when i drive 60-80 on highway without any gear shifting aur braking it give 35 kmpl.thats why i drive 50 speed on highway.plzzz help me

  22. Jestin

    yep…i got the item ..after 5 days of payment….and i fixed it on the same day according to the instructions of mr.madhusoodhanan…but after the installation, i found no change…ie; no increase in milege and performance….then i felt that engine is getting overheated…agn i called mr.madhusoodhanan…later i found that the unit is not working properly..he promised that he will send me an another new unit on the next business day…
    So i will share the new results after getting a new piece…

    I wd like to share you a few things about the product..
    It is not a high qulity, hi-tech product…there only a bottle with two electrodes just like in the battery and a power supply unit which produces 1.15 v at 1 amps for it…there is a liquid in the bottle and am not sure what it is…i guss, its somthing like the water in the battery..that bottle looks like handmade with pvc pipe…the power supply unit also looks cheaper just a plastic box …note that it is not waterproof….there a hose from the bottle which supplies the gas to the crbrtr…The total production cost of the unit may be less than 500Rs. But there is a calculation about the quantity of the gas to be produced for each capacity vehicles…may be we are paying 2500 Rs for that…

    However, i willl share the result after the installation

    1. Aju

      Jestin what abt ur current review about HHO ??? Is it a reliable one ???

  23. Ashwin

    Riding in economy zone always gives you the claimed mileage figures. Since 60-80 don’t fall in the economy zone, don’t expect much mileage from your ride. 😀

  24. Sudhin

    Jestin can you please confirm the number? I have tried to reach you in phone but the call went to someone called Deepu.

  25. shwetu

    hey dude ..i want to buy fz16…….n myparents not exactly impress on the fz16’s mileage…..so can i use this kit for fz16…pls replay

    1. suresh babu

      Dear mr justin
      How the hho kit works on your bike.
      For 1 lt of water how much mileage giving.
      Actually the product manufacturer was bajya energy resources, jaipur.
      That website was not working.
      Another manufacturer in surat- Giriraj electronics.- Sunil Dhairya-9825054957
      Actually i go thru all revies from you and aswin, according to your feedack i want to pourchase a kit and fixing my activa and aswell as in bajaj xcd bike


      Suresh babu
      GM- Service
      Bhargavi automobiles, nellore

  26. rahul malhotra

    hii guyz i ihave bought yamaha fzs on 1st of jan and please tell me weather i should install this kit my bike or any other to increase mielage figures please suggest me

    and mr madhusoodhanan
    plz tell me that is there any warrenty or cash back policy in case we do not get sattisfied

  27. kiccha vinay

    that really sounds great….,who doesnt want good mileage on these fuel prices.? you are doing a very good and unique attempt to make our youths regarding this wonder kit thank u so much dear friend.. ill also install this kit to my limited edition fz as soon as possible.

  28. vickythegme

    Hi., I got the same exact mileage (63 kmpl) the first two months which I used to drive at 40-45 kmph without any kit usage. Yet now, it is giving me a 54 kmpl which I drive at 45-55 kmph.

    Still I wanna know whether you’re getting the same mileage even now after months?

    1. naveen

      hi vicky can u send me ur number so that i can contact u to know more about this

  29. Benny

    Hi Ashwin, I booked my fzs let me know can i set the hho immediately or ll use 1000kms as you did and set after that.

  30. Jestin

    hi guys…..
    Before buying this kit, i suggest you all to contact me on my office no09946444216 or my personal no 09744778216…..u can call me any time…am happy to help you….
    I bought this kit from mr. Madhusoodhanan on nov 2013…
    Am having all the photographs….., how to fix it.., and all other details….
    So before buying contact me to know the facts behind…

    1. Jestin

      buy from reputed sellers…..there are many brands available like aadi,aqua…..but i dnt have any idea about the ass,quality,durability and relability….
      Or buy online from e bay..there you will get money back guarantee…

  31. jitesh kumar

    I am going to purchase a new bike yahama fz.. So. I want to know that the hho kit will be purchased with The bike or not…

  32. manish reddy

    Hello..am going 2 purchase a new fz…can I get that in a graphity colured…

  33. jayaram


    I purchased fzs yesterday, I want to know about hho kit pls give information, & also pls send mileage & maintanace tips for yamaha fzs (ltd add),


  34. Ravindra Shinde

    Dear Ashwin

    thanks for this article it’s very valuable for us………….

  35. Ashish


    I just bought an fzs in the end of last month , I am curious to know that you got 63 kmpl in fzs

    can you please give me the total prize of buying and getting it installed on ma bike

  36. Swamy


    This is Swamy i payed the money for purchasing the HHO kit to Madhu Sudunan account but i did not get my product and he is not responding my phone also, i thing he is cheating…..

    dont to be an fool….. be careful….

    1. jestin

      hi swamy….,from where you were trying to buy this …??

  37. Siddharth

    Hello Friends..!
    Thanks for the articl Ashwin..
    I have bought Yamaha FZS battle green on 11 feb. & i got mileage — 64 kmpl — at 40-50 kmph without any kit..!

  38. rubal

    Hi ashwin
    I want to know about the refuelment of this kit ?

  39. Dhis Vanth

    Nice review ashwin!!!! How can I buy this kid!!! Pls guide me to buy the kit&to install the kid!!!!

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    hey ashwin can u help wid the hho kit product name n what if the liquid drys up??????????????

  41. Abhi

    jestin did u installed New kit ?? working ?? please let me knw m eager to knw ..

  42. Syed from New Delhi

    Hi Guys, as of now, my FZ is giving a mileage of only 36 kmpl and I really want to increase the mileage. After reading your article, I enquired about the HHO kit in Delhi, there are hundreds of companies (Like Hydrotech, Mileage Plus, etc) selling this kit and are promising a hike of 20 to 40 %. Now I am not able to decide how to go with which company. Any suggestions guys…

  43. Abhi

    yeah anwar ur ryt .. sab saale mile hue hai madhu sudhan naam k keede se.. ullu bana rahe hai sako ..
    Don trust thm guys safe ur bike, time & money ..

  44. Anwar

    Hey Aswin,

    Are you still using this kit ? I have heard that HHO causes very high temperature in the engine which will cause issues after 2 or 3 years. Are you facing any issues ? Also how to refill the device ?


  45. Jestin

    hi all…..
    as i described above, i bought it from mr. madhusoodhanan….i juz installed the kit according to the instructions of mr. madhusoodhanan… but i didnt get any positive result….but i found that my mileage got dropped…i was always driving at an average speed of 50 Km/H….so i was getting an average mileage around 50-55 KMPL..but after the installation that dropped to 30-35…..when i report this to mr. madhusoodhanan he replayed that ,the equipment maynot be working properly …….after 3 days he gave me an another one saying, it is tested and 100% working…..so i installed it again…..this time the result was horrible…..the result i got as follows…..,

    1. Engine overheat
    2. Engine crankshaft and vacuum piston got damaged
    3. sometimes unnatural sound from the engine…
    4. Mileage got dropped to 28-32

    so i send back both two kits to him….( am having the courier receipt )

    So i request pls dont use this kit if u love your bike….
    or better try from some other reputed companies…at least they will give you a bill….u can find those over web….
    this is just a handmade product made with a piece of pvc pipe…
    note that mr. madhusoodhanan didnt give me any bill of warranty certificate…. everything through words only…
    i wasted my time,money and my bike……
    am having all the photos of the equipmet…. and i have recorded all my phone calls with him….if anybody needs a proof for this i can submit these things…

    if anyone needs my help u can call me anytime…
    my no is 09946444216 (office)
    09744778216 (personal)
    email. justkatto@gmail.com

  46. parthan

    hi aswin. i like ur review of fz. i think that is awesome. the main reason u said that about the students major problem that is the money for fill fuel on our lord of roads. i got to overcome this prblm from ur review. thnx bro.and if u can send me the cntct no. of the dealer ?

  47. Rushikesh Ajabe

    I’m from Pune , Maharashtra. I would like to know more about this product to buy it. if any one is aware plz feel free to contact me on 9923647209. or give me just miss call. Thanks in advance


    I have seen the comments about the HHO Kit, some ppl say its increasing the mileage and some ppl say that its of no use. Here i am commenting on both the category ppl.

    For ppl who says mileage has increased after installing the kit.
    – Do you ppl think that Yamaha Motor Company ppl are fools and does not know abt these technologies, if you think that HHO kit has increased the mileage, why don’t they implement with the bike with the factory settings ????
    – If you ppl think that these ppl are only correct and Yamaha ppl have failed to increase the bike mileage, you dont you put up the mail to the companies, who are producing HHO kits and ask them to sign an MOU with Yamaha showing that they are going to increase the mileage of the Bike.
    – These are all marketing gimmicks which the local companies are producing HHO kits are doing. Hence please beware of these fraudsters.

    For ppl who says that there is no use of installing the kit or to the ppl who are thinking to instal this kit.
    – You have taken the right decision, if you have fitted any of these kits please remove it as soon as possible.
    – Take suggestion from authorized Yamaha Service Centre before buying one.
    – Better to keep you bike in factory setting conditions and do not modify with unauthorized accessories other than Yamaha, which may damage your engine on the long run.

    1. Jestin

      hei balu….what you said is absolutely right…..am a victim of hho kit which i bought from Mr.Madhusoodhanan…so am saying you all pls dnt damage your dream bike….

  49. Sudhanshu

    Hi Ashwin,

    I have recently bought a FZ 16. Please let me know from where can I order a HHO kit and a Projector headlight like yours.

    Thanks in advance. 🙂

  50. chandrakant patel

    Pls tell me how much price of this kit?
    Where i available??

  51. suresh kumar

    I have fz s brike
    My millage is 72 kmpl
    No per liter 100 rs

    Then hho kit is what it is installed mean mileage how will came and any problem there ah ….

  52. saravanan

    its work on cbz 2011 model and how to buy the place tell me

  53. Ashwin G

    I wasn’t online for quite a long time.. well… saw the negative reviews of some. Lemme tell you, this review is completely based on my experience of fz fitted with hho kit. Luck may not be with everyone I guess. If you really doubt on this, don’t feel shy to contact me and test my bike if you really wish to. You u won’t regret. And also, I’m not gaining a single penny from anyone by sharing my review here…

  54. Jestin

    hei aswin is it based on ”luck”…..???? it is a technology no ???…then what is the relevance of luck ?? i tried it on my fz juz like you did…may be you are getting bettr results….i dnt disagree with that that….
    me too bought from Mr. madusoooooooooodhanan,… he is a fraud…..after getting my negative results he was not even ready to answer my phone calls….
    but if i call from an another no then he answers the call and he disconnects the call when realizes that its me….
    i juz discussed about this technology with some automobile experts ….me too working in automobile industry..they advised me not to use such type local kits, coz it affects the the engine life…..u can feel the overheating when going for a long drive……

    hei friends…definitely this is a proven technology.. if you search over the web you can find only less than 10% of people got better results….
    but according to the automobile experts,using this type of kits is not the right and proper way… the people who installed this kit will have to spend more money to repair their bikes….
    so think well before you install this ….
    if it was easy to workout, why global brands like honda,yamaha and suzuki people not implementing this????
    …do you they that dont know about this technology????
    so think wellll…..
    best of luck….

    1. suresh babu

      Dear mr jestin,
      Fixing of the kit is important.
      How you have fixed. Take advice from mr ashwin, or request to send the procedure if installation of kit only.
      i go thru all reviews of the above, i thought the probles is with installation only.


      Suresh babu

  55. Ashwin G

    Mm ya that’s a point Jestin. Now, it’s been more than 1 and half years since I have been using this… No complaints so far and I haven’t felt any overheating issues. I only had to refill the water once during this course. I always give my bike for service at Yamaha service center only and after fitting this kit, even the service mechanic bought it for his bike and is working well itseems. Also, Madhusudanan sounded good while conversing with him.. Never knew he would behave like this..

  56. Syed

    Its cool seeing that my bike can give more mileage.. Good information.. And it was nice talking to u Ashwin.. God Bless You..!!!

  57. Jestin

    okey aswin.i have recorded all the phone calls with him(Mr.madhusoodhanan)….do you want those..????
    for your formation…, my fz s cylinder head and vacuum piston got damaged just after the use of 2 or 3 days…i dnt remember the exact day…..i lost the warranty and the pure refinement of a yamaha motor
    ..before installing the kit i was getting an average mileage of 50-52kmpl when i drive at 50 km/h…but nw its 35-38…..
    From my experience, i suggest you all….pls dont go after such artificial methods for the well being of your machine…..

  58. FIROSE

    Hi jesti….i am also from calicut….i asked some experts about mr. Madhusoodhanans products….they have no idea about the product…all are fake…

  59. Pradeep Kumar

    I am using FZ-16 since jan 2010, its more than 4 years & my bike traveled 52000 km.
    I never drove it roughly. My bikes top speed which i drove was 116km/hr.
    Now when i try to drove it above 90 or 100 handle is starting to shake and bike also starting to shake. coming to millage its a mess its giving 30km/l in economy speeds. when over economy I need to forget about millage.
    coming to my maintenance I use XL-120 Xtron spray for chain for lubrication. I apply it 1 for 2 weeks. Use Yamaha engine oil wt mechanic prefers.
    I am trying to improve my millage, how this HHO kit can help me improve my millage.

  60. GAnesh

    Hi Guys, I am riding FZ-16 & getting an average mileage of 48 – 50kmpl (Without Using Any Kit) & I use to drive at 50 – 60 Speed.

  61. Sanket Redkar

    Use of Eco-Spray makes my engine run smoother, boosts fuel economy by a few percentage points. This is the first fuel additive I’ve ever used, petrol or diesel that actually makes a noticeable change.

    1. Nitesh

      Used Eco-Spray for first time, Seemed to run smoothly and helps with acceleration. Will know more over time.

    2. suresh babu

      Dear mr sanket
      Use Fuel additive- Iftex system g(petrol) in to your bike. Use 2ml/1 lt of petrol.
      It cleanses the Fuel system just like Harpic for toilet cleaners.
      In general the fuel pump owners are mixing chemical powders into fuel to get more money.
      It is not soluble in fuel and stagnated nearer to injector as gum and formed near injector. Injector has thin holes, the gum formation will flushout on using IFTEX SYSTEM G.

  62. gayan Priyankara

    can any one tell me How can i buy this HHO kit for my Fz coz i am in sri lanka,
    i need a trustworthy seller and a good working HHO kit

  63. Yash Rajesh Naik

    I have modified this bike into ktm duke 390 frontal …. i have spent around 15,000 – 20,000 on this bike’s modification .. it has been wonderfully modified at a professionalist …. the bike is 1st owner with all clear documents .. model : 2010 …. best offer you can get… HURRY !! YOU CAN CONTACT ME OR WHATSAPP ME ON 8097321681.. whatsapp me for pics

  64. Surendar A G

    Ashwin gave a beautiful review on HHO Kit. I have googled and found many interesting things about HHO.
    HHO kit works by separating o2 and hydrogen from water, if hydrogen gas got backfired from inlet valve or manifold it will cause serious trouble. So before buying an HHO kit, please ensure it has (one way check valve), Pressure regulators, what type of electrolyte used and complete manual and also make sure to read customer review about that supplier.

  65. Jestin

    hi all…
    pls dont use any hho kit, if you love your bike…..
    am a victim of a hho kit…
    it damaged my bike……..
    for any assistance u can contact me or whatsapp me at any time……
    am happy to help you….
    there is many facts behind it…so be careful…
    my no is 09744778216

    1. Shubham Sharma

      Mr. Jestin

      I am sorry for your Bike.

      As i read all your Reviews. you believe in HHO Technology.

      As you got product from a Local Person, as he was not able to give proper service and on time delivery, you can’t claim the technology.

      As far as HHO technology is concern, its working in more than 40 countries.

      As far as Question regarding, why Global Brands are not using HHO,, so please update you.

      Mercedez BMW, Cheverlot, Mitubhusi,Ford, Honda,, and so many companies launch their Cars with HHO..
      In India , its not launch because its much costly.

      HHO is a proven technology, i am using HHO kit in my 3 Bikes from last 3 years, i made it and using it.

      We are now giving HHO Support to cars, trucks, Buses, Bikes, Electric gensets up to 2000 KVA..
      and all are getting results, no negative review against our company on internet,

      our product is listed in top Online selling Websites like, EBay, Snapdeal, Shopclues…
      and there review is neccesary from a certified buyer.

      So just check and be proved.

      Your bike create problem, just because of two resons,
      One Was , so much electrolyte and Second Would be So much HHO production.. no other way is there to Damage any vehicle.
      To understand this, you must have purchase product from Seasoned Seller, who has exposure in right amount , which can assure you installation and Safety.


  66. Darshan

    DId anybody buy from the Shubham Sharma Hydrotech Plz text me in Whatsapp 9986866043
    Iam Really confused of SHall I input HHO kit or don’t want I bought FZ-S Military green as I asked my local friends they told those are fake so anybody plz give me a suggestion

  67. kumar

    I want hho kit for my hero honda cd 100 ss currant Millage 70-72 km per ltr. plz give me information for kit
    mo. 8888982613

      1. suresh babu

        Thanks for the feedback of this feedack and clear conversation

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  70. Abhishek

    can I get ur contact number I want to know about dis please

  71. Christy

    thank you justin for your comments.
    i was planning to buy this product from madhusudanan.

    After your unpleasant comments about the product ..Madhusudan is missing from the comments.

    thank you soo much.

  72. vijay

    Can any body tell the trusted brands of HHO kit for bike of 150 cc to 400 cc

  73. ashique.mk

    please give your contact number,
    to my mail id

    1. Bishnu

      Dear all want HHo kit pr my cd100 ss bike plz contact me – 8888 982 613

  74. mukul360

    You know nothing about an engine and you are not studying MECHANICAL OR AUTOMOBILE engineering (that’s for sure). For people reading the review, pls beaware of these kind of fake products. Sleriously…. An engineering student with this kind of review???
    Deal with the reality, the service centre guys were making fun of you….

    1. Shubahm Sharma

      Dear I have sold more than 100 HHO Products to macanical and automobile engineers, who were doing project on HHO, all were belongs to south India.
      and as far as about Technology then read on google and Indian Government on HHO Technology.

      An Engineer should always ready to accept new developments.

      as HHO Technology is,,,, and please search Toyoto Mirai car, which is Fuel Cell Base.

      The future is Hydrogen

  75. Shubahm Sharma

    Hi Guys..
    Our Company Hydro tech, has completed successfully three years now, on this ocassion i asked my all customers to give their vedio feedback, some has send , some are sending, .

    sooner i will share numbers as well as vedioes of my customers.

    it will be good for all of you to get review ..

    We are selling on Amazon, Ebay, Shopclues, Paytm, Snapdeal, payuMoney and Sooner on Flipcart.
    Have nice future ahead


  76. vamsi naik

    HI i done a video about modified yamaha fz s bike, here the link to watch it friends.

  77. Aadhi

    I think this is not true, because he is not given Contact No. This one is posible and right one give me ur mobile no Mr.Ashwin.

  78. Sagar

    hey from where should i buy hho kit ? any specific name ? there are lot of products mentioned in official website.

  79. DK

    Hey all. I’m no expert, but a proud owner of FZ-S Yellow Streak. All I got to say us that, when u go for a power bike, please do not expect a gr8 mileage. I read all the reviews as to how all are driving at an economy range of 45-50 or up to 60… C’mon yaar, grow up… The bike was never meant to give u a 70kmpl mileage or to be toyed around at limited speed of 60kmph. Get your gears on and go biking… I rude my bike like hell, and on highways, its never slower than 90kmph… Still I get a mileage of 40-42 kmpl… What else do you want…
    So, I would simply like to suggest All those who want to buy FZ or any other Yamaha bike, and are willing to crawl at 60 kmph, plz don’t… FZ is not meant for u…
    And all those who installed this kit and are satisfied, plz sell it and and buy Bajaj Platina, and add the kit to get 150kmpl…

    What’s the point if u dont need speed…

  80. DK

    And Ashwin, the con’s section was good, except for the long ride butt ache thing, I have drove 200 kms straight on highway with just a little pee break, and drove back after an interval of one hour or so, and I never felt tired or the butt aching problem… If the same continues with you, plz consult a doc, u might b having some pelvic issues… The ride is just fine….

  81. harsh

    can we use that HHO kit for suzuki gixxer too? my bro wanna fit that kit to his bike? then it will not cause harm to the bike na? from where we can buy that kit?

  82. Balaji

    Hi Ashwin,
    Thanks for making me to understand about the bike and how to improve the mileage of FZ.

    But my query is in this website(http://hydrotech.co.in/bike.html) which I need to select
    1. HHO Kit For Bike up to 150 CC (or)
    2. HHO Kit For Bike up to 200 CC

    which is good for FZ-16 ? Please get me on this.

  83. Paramjitsingh Chhabra

    I need to use this kit on my Honda Shine.
    Does this really work? I mean could you provide me a little more conformation?
    I would definitely like to check it out
    Call me on 9766888223

  84. Pavan kumar

    Hey ashwin.. Awesome review dude.. Can you help me in this. I have a fz 16 2010 model and I just love it. But I am disappointed with the mileage now a days.. I do regular servicing and oil change.. If I install this HHO kit then will I be getting the mileage of 60kmpl. Please it would be better if you whatsapp me on 9632016755…looking forward for your reply

  85. suresh babu

    Dear mr pavan kumar
    Change your petrol pump-
    Or fill the petrol from a reputed pump in your are, most of the people goes to the pump.
    Ckean the air filter regularly
    Check the tyre pressure in cold condition, in the morning times
    Use IFTEX- SYSTEM G(PETROL) for 1 lt of petrol add 2 ml- 2 ml/1 lt if petrol.
    The boittle can be availble in BPCL petrol pumps.
    Cost Rs. 100/ 100 ml of bottle.
    See my review in the above slides
    Try once and give feedback
    Mr suresh
    Auto-mech engineer

  86. vimal

    can i use the hho kit in pulsar 220f,cbr 150r and fazer 150

  87. AVIJIT

    A simple question to you..if it’s(HHO) really work on bike why moto cop didn’t use it..??? Any reason behind..it.? Think..!!

  88. Manish Kumar

    Clear Fraud… or lack of professionalism.. This site strangely has very few negative comments.

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  90. Chandrakanth


    Where I can get this HHO kit in bangalore for my bullet electra 350..

    1. We can use this kit for Bullet electra 350cc.
    2. Is this impact the mileage and performance..


  91. Ashraf

    That’s a good review .My ride is same as u r s .fz16 .model 2016 have problem of mileage too i hav 42 before srvc. after it decrease by 38 .i dont know this review can help .i need a breif info .about this k.

  92. afzal

    i have pulsar 180 ug4..please sir muje ye kit kharidni hai ..mera number ye hai..8860364173
    muje price whatsapp kardena kyunki mere ghar pr network problem hai,..

  93. sathish

    i need this hho kit for my gixxer is suitable for my bike call me this num 9566240939


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