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Honda CBR250R 6 months 6300 kms – Review By Ashwin Gan


Beauty lies everywhere and when it’s coupled with performance, what more could you aspire?

The market being so competitive, there’s something new coming up every now and then. Living in a country ranked the second most populated in the world, and also known for poor roads, negligent drivers etc., you can imagine the risks riding out here. Well, when Honda introduced the CBR250R in Indian market back in the year 2011, it had created a big impact since it was the time when not many performance machines were out there. It had grabbed the heart of bike enthusiasts; mine as well! But then, when I asked my parents on getting a CBR, the first question I got to hear was, “Where are you gonna ride this?”. Now, that’s simply because of the heavy traffic and poor roads we encounter every other day, keeping the budget part aside even though, it matters the most.


I used to have Yamaha Fz-S and you must have been quite familiar with it from my previous reviews (63 Kmpl Mileage Review Using HHO Kit On Yamaha Fz-S). After 5 years of happy riding and the odo being clocked to 46K kms, I ended up selling it to my friend and decided to increment my level of biking from a 153cc street bike to a powerful tourer. I, somehow convinced my parents on getting a new ride and finally when they agreed, there becomes another tough job of deciding on which ride to go for (since its been 4 years and many mean machines have joined the competition)? The options were Benelli TNT 25, KTM RC200, KTM Duke 390 and the Honda CBR 250R.


Being a meticulous planner, I after going through several blogs, reviews and even news!, my search ended up with CBR 250R. I’ll tell you how… The Benelli was ruled out since the service centers are hard to find. The KTMs are really aggressive and great performers but then I couldn’t adapt to the seating position. The RC’s seating is like you are literally sleeping over the tank which isn’t quite favorable for long rides at all and the Duke has got hard seats inviting butt aches sooner than it should come and moreover, I wanted to switch from a street bike.


Well, then comes the CBR. It’s so refined and so comfortable and indeed a great performer. The performance is on demand I should say. A wild cat! Its nice and silent till 5000rpm but then post 5000, it becomes wild. You see a performer ready to tame the tarmac. After seeing all this, I ended up booking a red one. Took three days to get it delivered and being it a Christmas time, it was a like a ceremony at showroom during the time of delivery. A plum cake, a key chain and a coffee mug were the complimentary gifts I received along with a tank full of petrol from Honda. That’s how my sweetheart made her entry to my life.


That very first moment when you put the key in; when you turn the ignition ON, when you see it light up and see the way the needle goes all the way up n down and the speedo numbers counting down to zero is such a good feel. Next big thing which every rider aspires.. The press on the start button to bring the machine to life.. and that happened! The beauty came to life idling at 2000rpm and then settles to 1600 rpm after a while (due to auto-choking at the time of start-up) and I listened to the humming of the 250cc mill for sometime. It was like melody to ears, music to heart and ecstasy to body. Switched to first gear and there begins our first date. It surely is an eye grabber, made me feel proud n royal.


Now being one of the most technologically advanced machine, she got a number of sensors (7 to be precise) to provide uncompromising performance and safety. They really help. She has even saved me from accidents and also my life a couple of times. Thanks to ABS! Riding in India gives you the opportunity to face certain situations where you have no other choice other than relying on brakes than calling God’s name! But then on any vehicle, braking at such speed would always end up locking wheels thereby losing traction and ends up skidding/fishtailing and falling! A tragic end. But then, since this beauty being equipped with combi-brake system and ABS, they together provide a good bite in braking and also, prevent the wheels from locking up and brings to a safe halt no matter what surface you are on. That made my love and trust more deep. And, the more I ride, more the odo clocked, the CBR kept on surprising me and each ride became impressive one or the other way making it more ecstatic. The ride is really great for touring being the suspension setup on the softer side and the relaxed sitting position that’s ample and great for touring but then suspension being soft, it may be a bit of disappointment on tracks.



One of the hardest time I had to go through was the run-in period of my girl! I followed it strictly. Keeping all your desires in control is really hard isn’t it? But then once its done, I was free to rev all the way up and she showed wonders. She showed me what’s dual personality all about! She got a really great acceleration and showed me the speedo figures I have never been on; wonders of the mill producing 26Bhp and 23Nm. I couldn’t test the top speed. Well, the top I achieved was 149/150kmph at around 10000rpm and then had to brake since the road was taken over by two trucks competing each other making it impossible to overtake. Pathetic!


And also, one of the longest ride I had was 740kms in 8hrs 10mins in a stretch that includes a 15 mins pit stop for lunch and at the end of the day, it wasn’t tiring at all. Its been 6 months and 6300kms and lots n lots of experiences; and still counting. That mesmerizing beauty, power, and comfort all together in the name of CBR250R, is one the best buying decision I have made so far. Last but not the least, the mileage figures! Returns 25-30kmpl in city and 35-40 in highways. But then, achieving 40 comes with a lot of patience and pain, you can imagine how hard it is to maintain speeds below 80kmph on highways in such a vehicle where you can hardly judge the speed without looking at the speedo.

IMG_6749 (1)

This review is based on my self-experience and there’s no resemblance to anyone else’s experience since everyone may or may not have the same experience with their vehicle. So, hope you’ve liked my review and, happy n safe riding.

Yamaha FZ Race Concepts FFE Review Part 3 By Ashwin Gan


This review portrays another performance upgrade which was done recently. i always wanted my ride to sound like a super bike so, i was searching for exhausts available and came across many starting from a price range of Rs.2500. Later on, i discovered from my research that Free Flow Exhausts are not just meant for sound. They are supposed to outlet the exhaust gases freely without any obstructions and also shouldn’t produce any back pressure to the engine. I then decided to go for Race Concepts FFE. Went straight to Bangalore. A 400km solo ride. Met Mr.Joel Joseph, the automobile master mind and while conversing, he told me that the exhaust not only gives a great sound but also a 15% increase in power and torque i.e. about 2bhp and 2Nm increase!

Update:- Ashwin Gan sold his Yamaha FZ-S and bought a new Honda CBR 250R. Here’s Why!

unnamed (2)

This isn’t just spoken figures instead these were the result obtained from the dyno test. I got it fixed and the total cost was around Rs.9800 and after that, to my surprise i felt i was riding a whole new machine! A mind blowing bassy sound and a great acceleration which i had never felt from my ride before. Also, my top speed while going to get this fixed was about 117 Kmph and then on my return journey when i tested, the speedo showed 126 Kmph (without the dB killer). Now, how does that sound? And, no need to worry about cops. You get a dB killer to cut down the sound levels which could be used in city rides. So, happy n safe ride dear bike enthusiasts. 🙂

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Performance Mods Of Yamaha Fz-S (HHO kit), Second Review By Ashwin Gan

It’s been quite a while since my first review of the most fuel efficient Fz(63 Kmpl Mileage On Yamaha Fz-S(using HHO kit) Ownership Review By Ashwin Gan). Now, the odo has clocked to about 33500+ kms and a bit of performance mods accompanying that. The recent upgrades were : NGK Iridium Spark plug and K&N Air filter.

Update:- Ashwin Gan sold his Yamaha FZ-S and bought a new Honda CBR 250R. Here’s Why!

Replacing the stock NGK spark plug with the NGK Iridium IX plug which costed me Rs.570 has made a marginal improvement in the overall acceleration (say about 10 – 15%). The other upgrade is replacing the stock air filter with the K&N YA-1611 high-flow stock replacement filter which costed me Rs. 3349 has brought quite a major change in the overall acceleration. Moreover, K&N claims increase in horsepower and acceleration and apart from that, lifetime warranty for this product. Now, measuring 0-100 isn’t time consuming as before; just twist the throttle and you see the revs and digits on the speedo climbing faster than before. To be more specific, it isn’t the pickup but, the acceleration par the low range all the way to the red line.

Earlier, i could feel the engine tends to get out of breath while cruising in 90+ or even while overtaking at those speeds but, NOT ANYMORE! While, the only factor of disappointment is that there is no change in sound. Being a performance filter, we expect a growl n roar along with the performance boost. But, sadly you will miss that. May be we are supposed to spend extra for a performance exhaust for that. Anyway, the final verdict : Extracted a bit more of juice/performance from the 153cc mill along with its unbelievable mileage figures. Now the end result is, more of adrenaline rush without burning a hole in your pockets lol :D!

Review 3: Yamaha FZ Race Concepts FFE Review Part 3 By Ashwin Gan Part 3 From Ashwin Gan