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APACHE RR 310 S (TVS Akula 310) Real Deal? BMW Brand Problems? Launch, Price

APACHE RR 310 S also known as TVS Akula 310 is a budget sports bike mainly focusing on teenagers.  Finally TVS has confirmed the exact date of launch which is 6 December 2017 in Chennai. Akula 310 has been making headlines from the time when it was first spotted in 2016 Auto Expo.  Many readers are waiting for the official launch of this machine. Two wheeler automotive market has become so aggressive in this decade that all the big players are launching their own products in every segment. Budget sports/naked category is the mainstream right now in India. Before 2010, Yamaha YZF R15, Honda CBR 250 were the best bikes in that category and there were no handful of options at that time. But the scenario is changing. Now we have CBR 150, KTM DUKE 200, DUKE 390, RC200, RC390, Benelli 302R, Yamaha R3 etc.

It is a irrefutable fact that the competition has become tough in all bike segment. The bike segments that were mainly hold by Yamaha, Honda, Hero etc are now full of foreign players. KTM is now the major trend in the 200-400cc segment by bringing groundbreaking products. KTM offers two naked bikes- Duke 200, Duke 390 and two sports bike- RC200, RC390 in that segment for cheaper price. Will the TVS Akula 310 can be as up-and-coming as KTM?

What Apache RR 310 S offers to biking community is a single cylinder, liquid cooled  313 cc engine that produces around 28Nm of torque at 7,500 rpm and 34PS of power at 9,500 rpm. The same bike with same quality will be sold by BMW as G310R in naked form. Sadly, we won’t get the BMW badge, instead we will have the TVS emblem. BMW had already guaranteed that the quality of both bikes sold in India in TVS badge and exported to other countries in BMW badge will be same. If the bike sold in India had the BMW logo, it will be a sure shot winner and probably outrun the competitor sales values. Why we Indians are treated like this by these companies. TVS branding is not that great considering other brands like KTM, Yamaha, Kawasaki etc. When someone who is brand conscious go for a bike, he won’t choose TVS. It’s just like Bajaj. When looking TVS brand with top bike brands in that segment which one will you choose? Which sounds better ( TVS, KTM, Yamaha, Kawasaki) or ( BMW, KTM, Yamaha, Kawasaki)? I’m damn sure that the BMW logo on TVS Akula 310S will make the bike one step ahead from the competitors. In order to surpass the rival companies sales figures, TVS should do something like that. Pricing is also an issue considering KTM pricing. TVS should bring the price around 2 lakh to become success in the market. Anything above that price in a TVS brand will be probably utter flop.

Current tvs akula 310 price india->3Lakhs (rumour).

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Duster Ownership Review – Value For Money? Problems? (Dacia Renault)

Duster is one of the best budget crossover SUV available worldwide. It is known as Dacia Duster in some countries like UK, France, Russia etc and in India it’s called Renault Duster. Basically both are same cars  but in different brand names. With a little cosmetic change, the same Duster is selling as Terrano by Nissan. Apart from exterior cosmetic changes, Duster and Terrano have no major  differences. Nissan, Renault and Dacia are all same company. Duster has been my riding partner since last year and in this article i will give a detailed ownership review of this car and why i bought this SUV.

2016 Renault Duster Vs Dacia Duster(2018)

Nowadays, it is hard to buy a car as more options with different specs, features etc are available to choose from. I had the same dilemma when my father told me and my brother to choose a car under 15 lakhs. Even though the sedan cars(Volkswagen Vento, Honda City, Hyundai Verna)  looks great, in reality, it is not suitable for Indian roads . The only option came to our mind at that time was to go for budget SUV’s. From the time Mahindra XUV 500 was launched, i had a deep desire to own that one. It is a phenomenal car. But the price was out of budget as Mahindra increased around 1-2 lakhs for each variant after the facelift launch. Then our car options were narrowed to Maruthi Suzuki Vitara Brezza, S cross, Ford Ecosport, Renault/Dacia Duster, Hyundai Creta, Nissan Terrano.

The only thing that Brezza offers is resale value and good service. We were in search of a car that goes smoothly through all the road gutters and potholes in our road. First two options were cut from our list as i don’t find enough comfort driving those. Ford Ecosport  and Hyundai Creta are both good looking cars. Personally i liked Creta as it looks gorgeous on road but there were already two Creta’s nearby my home and Ford Ecosport was not the car for me as it lacked some driving pleasure. Then comes the Duster and Terrano. Except the exterior changes, Terrano has everything same of Duster under the hood.  Terrano is an elder sibling of Duster with only cosmetic changes but pricier than Duster. So i thought its better to buy the Duster than the Terrano as they are on same platform and cosmetic change is not a big deal for me. I researched a lot about Duster before coming to conclusion.

Renault/Dacia Duster and Nissan Terrano were the only proper SUVs among the ones i had in my list. They both offered a 4×4 variant. If you search Dacia Duster 4×4 offroading, you can see many videos of this car doing incredible stunts in many countries. I had also test driven the Duster in many off roads here nearby my area before buying it. It’s a drivers car. It gives immense pleasure when driving through off road. Even if you don’t brake in the potholes or humps, the car will easily go through it because of its excellent suspension. You won’t feel any tiredness after having long journey’s.  If you want to feel the riding comfort that duster offers, get into the drivers seat.

Moreover, the Duster has cheaper service rates and customer satisfaction is also high in service centers. First service, which is a full checkup, is totally free. Second service is in one year and costs around 4k INR only. After every service the Renault officials from the main company office will call you and ask about how satisfied you are with the service and service center. Till now i’m very much contented with their service and customer support. In addition to these, Duster also offers a great mileage around 20km+ per liter for Diesel variant.

The only issue that i felt in Duster was the AC cooling for rear passengers. Up to 2015 model, there was an ac vent for rear passengers and it was removed in 2016-2017 facelifted version as person sitting in rear middle cannot put feet comfortably. So in summer, the front AC needs to be put high in order to get cooling for rear passengers in current model. In the 2018 facelifted version that’s launched in other countries, Duster is bringing back the rear AC vent so it wont be a problem for new customers who are going to buy 2018 variant. Another issue i found in some forums is that there will be some wind noise/ annoying sounds(squeak,creek) etc from door side or interior for some cars. I never had that issue. It can be fixed with proper soundproofing and damping. It can be done yourself or from workshops. Many tutorials are available online. In 2013, some Duster owners in UK has reported rusting but it’s only because of their climate. Dusters that were manufactured in India were not suitable for the cold climate there and hence Dacia recalled the Indian made Dusters and gave free service/ parts replacement to them. Also manufacturing of UK-spec Duster was  moved from India to Romania from 2014 and the issue was solved for them.

Another issue which was fixed in current generation Duster was the hard clutch issue. Clutch was too hard for the 2015 and below models. For those models it was a burden to press hardly on clutch in order to shift gear. Some people had complained about leg pain due to hard clutch issue. But now the company made the clutch smoother and it’s not a thing to worry in modern Duster. Be aware of hard clutch if you are buying a used 2015 or below Duster. All these issues are either fixed or not happening for current generation variants. So Duster is a good option now who needs a proper SUV with offroading capabilities. I will be adding more details/issues etc to this article whenever I find one in my Duster so stay tuned to our website.

Supercharged Kawasaki Ninja S2 650CC And R2 Motorcycle Launching Soon

Ninja-R2 Vs R1s

Kawasaki is again making headlines with its new rumor products Ninja R2 And S2 which are supercharged like H2. Kawasaki Ninja H2 and H2R had a new supercharger technology which increased the power and helped them more in the marketing of bike. Now it looks like the attempt to implement a supercharger in engine does not stop with the H2 or H2R. Kawasaki is researching in making two other supercharger variants Kawasaki R2 and S2. These bikes will be the cheapest supercharged bikes from the company.



Ninja S2 will be a supercharged bike with 650cc parallel twin engine. It will be a supercharged  child born from the combination of two other projects Kawasaki Ninja ER6F (650cc 2 cylinder) and Kawasaki H2. Why is Kawasaki developing a new 650cc machine as they already have a 650cc bike in their portfolio? Yeah we know the current 650r is a tourer only but still there is another reason for this new project. It has developed because the Suzuki is launching a turbocharged bike ‘Suzuki Recursion’ which has a 588 cc parallel twin engine! It produces a 100 horsepower at 8,000 rpm. This made Kawasaki to manufacture a supercharged 650cc bike Ninja S2.


Now what will be the another rumored model Kawasaki Ninja R2? It is just a  lowest version of Kawasaki H2 and H2R. Yamaha has 3 variants for YZF R1 – R1, R1s and R1M. R1S is a street oriented version while R1M and R1 are track-ready superbikes. R1M is a special version of the R1 with higher factory specification. Ninja H2 will compete with the Yamaha R1 and H2R with the R1M. And for competing with the R1S, Kawasaki is launching their new street variant Ninja R2. R2 will be more efficient among the three model.


Customers don’t need to wait much long for these bikes. Most likely both these models will appear at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show (TMS), which takes place on 28 October to 8 November 2015. Price and other specs are not yet revealed. For more updates on these bikes, subscribe us below.