Compass A Headache? Jeep Compass Problems, Service Issues, Engine, Body Quality


Which four wheeler comes in your mind when someone ask about the best SUV under 22 lakhs in 2017-2018 year? We made a same survey and guess who topped – the ‘Jeep Compass’, following it was the Xuv 500 which also made a good impact on Indian automotive market. But recently we had seen a video of a customer getting beaten up by the Jeep service center guys. Seeing this video, me and my friends visited a nearby Jeep service to learn how their professional behavior is. If you haven’t seen the customer getting beaten up by Jeep employees, do search the Youtube channel as there are lots of videos regarding it.

For someone who is wishing to buy a Jeep vehicle, this video will force their instinct to stay away from a Jeep product and rather go for competitor product. I was really surprised of seeing this kind of behavior from these trained professionals. This is why people say a degree cannot give a person the character traits of a professional. Companies should filter the employees based on the professional behavior criteria rather than the degree/marks they have. Our experience with Jeep was contrary of what was in the video. We visited the Jeep Pinnacle Kalamassery,Kerala and they were very polite to us. We had no plans of buying a Jeep product but in a masqueraded way we interacted with two Jeep professionals. They were so down to earth, gave us cool drinks and answered every question we had. So the fight that happened in the video was an infrequent case.

When compared to other rivals, Jeep Compass really had only small issues that can be ignored as they all happen rarely. The most common issues found in USA Compass model are the control arm/ bushing failure(found in 2007 model,can be repaired for a price of $687.00), CVT transmission overheating(in 2011 model,can be repaired for $1,700),TIPM failure (in 2007 model, can be repaired for $2,000),water leaks from the front and rear roof area, engine stall because of wireless control module fault etc. Below we will classify the major Jeep Compass problems in USA category wise.

  •  Jeep Compass Drive Train Problems-
  1. Clutch pedal makes some sharp, high-pitched sound.
  2. Little struggle needed sometimes for changing gear in manual transmission.
  3. Sudden backward repulse of clutch pedal
  •  Jeep Compass Engine Problem-
  1.  Debris in the cylinder head coolant port will heat up the engine.
  • Jeep Compass Suspension & Steering Problems-
  1. some customers reported hard handling.
  2. Front strut leakage.
  3. When steering is turned clutch pedal produces scraping sound.
  • Jeep Compass Brakes Problem-
  1. ESP which is the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) wont get off when off button is pressed.
  2. Soft braking makes some weird noise and vibration in the front side brakes.
  • Jeep Compass Electrical & Lights Problems
  1. Wireless control module fault makes engine not to start when key is turned.
  2.  Front wheel drive compass shows some some fuel gauge variation issues.
  3. HVAC Blower Motor creates unwanted disturbing noise.
  4. “MyGig” Radio gets damaged when disconnection and re-connection of battery.

All these problems/issues were found in US Jeep models only, the one major issue here that was spread in the internet was of smoke from a Jeep Compass in Kerala. But the owner later put a video clarifying that it was his mistake that he drove in 2nd and 3rd gear for almost 160km and hence the clutch burnt and engine got overheated. Apart from this issue there were no major issues reported till now. As the Jeep Compass was only launched this year in our country, we cannot know the issues of the Compass that may come in long run. So stay tuned to our blog as we will update the article if new problems get reported anywhere. Meanwhile subscribe our below email service for instant Jeep Compass and other car reports delivery to your mailbox. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page too.

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3 thoughts on “Compass A Headache? Jeep Compass Problems, Service Issues, Engine, Body Quality

  1. Rohit Dutta

    1. Recently the new compass longitude bought in Nov 2017 had burnt clutch plates (4th Feb 2018) which were replaced by the service center. This happened on a busy road in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. (Bad smoke from the car and that too I just drove the car 200-300 meters like i always do in my other car)

    Issue – the staff blamed me for not driving properly. This is not the case since I have been driving petrol and diesel vehicles for almost 20 years without any such issues. The Jeep Service center personnel told me that there were vehicles which had come for the similar problems. (But the blame was put on me which is opposite to what the staff/engineer told me)

    2. 9th Feb – the vehicle just didn’t start. The breaks are jammed and there is an indicator which says “engine failure”. The car is in a simply inoperable condition

    Keep in mind this is the second issue with Jeep Compass longitude in a week

    I would be sending an escalation to Kevin Flynn including other other MDs of Jeep India

  2. k s sandeep

    there is a continuous suffocating smell of burnt rubber inside the cabin, which makes the drive very unpleasant.
    In high probability its the clutch plates burning.
    I conveyed it to the sales person in pune, skymoto, he told me i will get a call back form their service center, but no one bothered to call.
    I even mentioned it in bold in the feedback form, but still there is no response.
    I thought, it might be in the beginning such problems come up, but even after two months of purchase, the problem still persists.
    I have now planned to escalate the issue, and try n reach all the associate authorities.

  3. Prashant Jain

    I too had experienced clutch stuck and overheating problem and it’s just 15 days old… I had visited service centre who gave some tips but let’s see


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