Daytona racing kit for yamaha r15 v2.0



Yamaha India gives the r15 a kit which thrills you and pumps up the adrenaline to quench your thirst for racing.The Daytona kit was developed for the racing performance in R15 Racing Championship.Engine parts, body parts, braking components etc are modified by this kit for increasing power and performance of R15.Kit details are provided below.









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27 thoughts on “Daytona racing kit for yamaha r15 v2.0

  1. Prashant S Rajput

    I like very much this kit…. How i buy this? & How Much this is?

      1. Nexon94

        Do they allow these mods on their product ?? or is daytona itself a yamaha product?

        1. eswaran

          Yamaha R-15 Daytona Kit price
          25 August 2009 at 04:03
          The R-15 racing kit consists of three sub kits.
          1) Muffler Kit
          2) Body Kit
          3) Engine Kit

          The ex- showroom price of Muffler Kit is Rs. 16,000 /- . This kit includes
          a) Racing Exhaust System
          b) Exhaust Pipe
          c) Bracket Kit Exhaust

          The ex- showroom price of Engine Kit is Rs. 31,000 /- . This kit includes
          a) ECU
          b) Cam Shift
          c) Muffler Kit

          The ex-showroom price of Body kit is Rs. 20,000/- . This kit includes
          a) Brake Caliper Bracket
          b) Brake Disc
          c) Brake Hose Front
          d) Brake Hose Rear
          e) Front Brake Master Cylinder
          f) Step Plate

          1. joel co

            Sir how can i purchase it here in the philippines and do we have mechanic here

          2. Alden

            Are this kits available in the Philippines? About how much would it cost if converted into peso?

      2. Nexon94

        i’m a learner and i want to learn about what my bike can handle so please help by answering some of my que.

        #what K&N filter does?
        #does the daytona kit help in building up performance but take mileage down with it?

  2. ashish

    Daytona is a name of product of a different company.. but Its available at authorised yamaha service centre… it costs around Rs. 65000.00, after daytona kit installed the top speed becomes 185km\hr to 190km\hr

  3. Ajay Digole

    How much average reduce by daytona kit for bike r15 2.0 version…??

  4. christian

    How can I get more horsepower to the factory cylinder 125?
    I’m interested in the ECU and the camshaft.
    it is possible, more bigest injector?

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  7. Susan tabangcura

    We want these Daytona Kit and other spare parts/accesories be available to any Yamaha Dealer all over the world so that if there’s in need of any Yamaha biker want to use any accesories is immidiately have it,,,a big thanks if you acknowledge and approve my request,,,,go go YAMAHA. Requesting: from Ilocos Sur Philippines.

  8. Susan tabangcura

    Daytona kit and spare parts accesories of yamaha r15 v2.0 be available to any yamaha dealers of entire philippines so that we have spare parts of our own bike to be use, not like other motorcycle dealer manufactured their own spare parts and accesories are always available.

  9. joel co

    Please contact me 09228123413 i want to buy the daytona kita for my r15.hoping you could kol me and where could i have a good mechanic to install the dsytona kit ty

  10. Venkat ram

    Hai guys how to adjust seat in r15 v2?
    Pls tell me
    is there anyway to make it comfortable for pillion rider?

  11. Sanjay

    Hiii i want Daytona kit but not available in mysore yamaha showroom plz help me wher to buy the kit

  12. Tame silo

    My Yamaha R15 v2 needs Daytona chain and call me or whatsapp i will buy..
    my nmbr:8575115057


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