Disappointed On Yamaha R15 V3? No Launch In India Like YZF R25? Problems/Issues

Remember the long waits we had on Yamaha YZF R25? At the end, what we all got was full of disappointment as the Yamaha didn’t launched that bike in our market. We madrives team was as curious as the readers for Yamaha R25. Read our first request to Yamaha-Letter: Yamaha Please Launch YZF R25 R4, Don’t Make Us Wait!We even posted many articles on each move Yamaha made and gave  a great publicity to the R25 model believing that Yamaha would launch it  in India. Many people were eagerly waiting for purchasing this bike ignoring the competitor products. They were all let-down by Yamaha.The long wait was for nothing. Will it be the same case for Yamaha R15 V3.0? Why these companies do not reveal the markets they are planning to launch beforehand?

 Truly speaking, personally i’m fed up with this launching strategies of these companies. They make us believe that the product will soon get to us and they just launch in some other countries neglecting us. When company announces or showcases a product  they should disclose the markets they are planning to launch and the approximate time they will launch that product in each market. Nearly all automobile magazines in each region will boast up these products as they have no idea of what will happen to that product next. Obviously, the companies have a perfect plan in paper before showcasing a product and in fact almost all officials would have an idea of when and where will the product will be launched. Its a matter of keeping secret or disclosing it to the people. What is wrong with divulging the launch details to millions of automotive enthusiasts/fans.
What we have to say to our readers is that never ever have a high hope when a company showcase their new product. I wrote this article because i saw many desperate comments in Youtube on long waits for Yamaha R15 V3. Probably these frustrated guys may have waited for the Yamaha YZF R25 and got disappointed. If you can’t wait long, don’t get distressed as you have a profusion of options in our market. KTM RC 200 is the best alternative you can buy and if you can add some more cash, get the TVS AKULA 310 as its the trending one currently.
To Yamaha Officials,
If you are reading this, if you have any value towards your customers/fans, please shed light on the launch details of Yamaha R15 V3.0 and if you can’t please enlighten us why you can’t disclose it in advance. Last time, we didn’t got any response from you guys for R25 (Letter: Yamaha Please Launch YZF R25 R4, Don’t Make Us Wait!) but I’m hoping you will respond this time.
A Yamaha Fan(Owned R15 V2.0 for 5 years)
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