When it comes time to buy first car in your life, different types of vehicles available to you and it is sometimes difficult to make a choice. Sports car to impress friends? A family car to get everyone camping? The dilemma is difficult. Here are some questions which, according to your priorities will guide you towards the ideal choice.

How many miles do you expect to go?

If your annual mileage looks high and your budget, like most first-time buyers is limited, you would be better to turn to an economy car at the pump. A vehicle that uses more fuel, even with an attractive purchase price, could cost you dearly in the long run.

Are you planning to travel long distance?

When this is the case, you should obviously consider the fuel economy, but also the comfort of the car and its load capacity. These two factors, which we do not necessarily think at the time of purchase, are proving to be essential qualities for long distance travellers.

You are a green at heart?

To help Mother Nature, nothing better right now than to get a fuel efficient car. Hybrids often have a return pump and a very competitive CO2 emissions. In 2013, the automobile market now offers even cars that can run without a drop of gasoline. Enough to satisfy your green ambitions.

Sporting nature?

You are a lover of skiing or mountain biking? It should perhaps consider your hobby when purchasing your vehicle. A hatchback or sport utility vehicle (SUV) will probably meet your needs. Too small car, cons, you could limit your activities in and you might get tired very quickly.

Amateur performance?

If the acceleration power is important to you and that you intend to push the engine of your car in background (on a closed circuit, of course), a multitude of sports cars available to you on the market.These are perhaps not the most economical, but they certainly satisfy your need for adrenaline.

The off-road interests you?

A off road track adventure inevitably requires a four-wheel drive that can support you in your madness. So follow your passion and go for a vehicle that will be able to make you happy.

A family on the horizon?

First car is not necessarily synonymous with immaturity. If you are planning to start a family in the near future, you should probably consider this factor in your car buying process. A two-seater is probably not for you!

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