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“Our goal was simple – to make the best car in the world” – repeating each speaker from the podium of Mercedes-Benz. Let the direct question, “luck?” Representatives of the German giants modestly replied that as part of the class is definitely the new S-Class – the best I can say it for them. S-Class (W222) – this is the best car in the world # pryamoseychas. There are cars more powerful, there are faster cars, there are cars more expensive, but such as the new flagship of the Mercedes-Benz, is no more.

The smartest

First and perhaps most importantly, what struck journalists, experts and even impress potential buyers – the number of all kinds of electronics in the new flagship sedan Mercedes-Benz.Compared with this car “smart home” is about as technologically as the Nokia 3310 as compared to the iPhone 5. Rolling your fingers: S-Class – the world’s first car that … 

One Has a suspension that can assess the condition of the roadway. Road Surface Scan Systems and Magic Body Control with stereoscopic video track road in front of the machine, and depending on the quality of its own changing stiffness. Separately for each wheel. Depending on the road conditions, the system can operate at speeds up to 130 km / h The only caveat – it does not operate in the “sport”, only in “comfort.” All that we have learned from one of the creators of Magic Body Control, which is explained with a smile principle of the new items after my surprised, “How?” when the car passed the pit, is not transferring passengers to change the relief road. In general, all S-classes are still equipped with an adaptive suspension with hydraulic elements that keep the body from pecks and rolls. At the top-end versions use active air suspension that raises or lowers the body, depending on road conditions. 

Two. Not a single bulb. Povalny switching to LEDs – a clear trend in recent years, but completely abandon the classical lamps up to this point, none of the automakers failed. The new S-class, depending on the equipment can be used more than 500 LEDs. Diode lights, by the way, have the function of regulating the intensity and angle of the beam, they recognize the car running ahead and adjust the light so as not to blind the driver. Lights shine with varying degrees of brightness, depending on the force on the brake pedal. 

Three. Maybe distinguish man from beast. The system Night View Assis Plus has been added thermal imaging camera and can now recognize in the dark pedestrians or animals on the road car. In this case there is another magic, and instead of the speedometer image appears before the eyes of the obstacles. Noticed a threat highlighted by distant light. If the system finds that in front of people, it blinks a few times distant light, drawing his attention and giving the opportunity to see cars and out of the way, and if the animal is, the lights in the case did not come, only night vision camera, because the reaction of the animal to light unpredictable. 

Four. Replaces visit to the massage parlor. The seats here are 6 different massage programs.The unique one – with the effect of the action of heated stones, and this is a SPA-procedure.To be effective engineers had to design 14 air chambers built into the seatback, each of them heated. By the way, really relaxing – tested on their own experience. With unique “chips”, at first glance, everything. However, the trump S-Class W222 that even those unusual option that has already used some of the world’s automakers are performed in a different way, as if brought to the ideal. Time again counting on his fingers. 


Five. Until recently, the main (and, frankly, one of the few) Lexus LS advantage over its German rivals experts unanimously called optionally installed in Japanese sedan chair Ottoman. Compared to the seat, which is in the flagship sedan Mercedes-Benz, «leksusovskoe” plays in the league below. Right rear seat S-Class is easily converted into a bed (the back is rejected by 43.5 degrees, which, by the assurance representatives Mercedes-Benz, a record), and the foot has a special stand built into the front seat. There is a downside: When laying out the back seat, the front automatically pulls back and head restraint folds, which in turn completely blocks the driver right rear view mirror. Of course, the “problem of the driver boss does not care,” but on the other hand – this has a direct impact on safety. 

Chair at one of the features of the new S-Class. They are heated, cooled, as I said above, massage and have as many bells and whistles that the installation of all cost about 900,000 rubles (plus price of the basic version). Oh, and for the money would be even heating rear armrest … 

Six. So it’s time to bend his fingers on his other hand. Customary dash in the S-class is not. Its place was taken by 12.3-inch (my laptop screen size smaller) monitor that all devices – The drawing computer graphics. In spite of all hunker looks very cool. For the first time we have seen such a decision on the new Range Rover, but here the picture is much juicier. Next to the devices is another display of the same diagonal, which is responsible for the media (in the British SUV has the same diagonal only 8 inches). The screen gives a bright, crisp image, its dimensions are especially valuable, when you use the navigation system. By the way, judging by the fact that the Stuttgart engineers have once again refused to use the touch screen, the rumors that after some time, due to customer complaints and general insecurity of this type of display they will renounce all automakers have grounds . 

Seven. precisely seven different variants of the highlights in the German sedan. In all of the same Range Rover (in terms of technical progress this car is probably the closest to the new S-Class), their 10, from bright red to purple. But Mercedes-Benz with a choice of light switches much more elements of light. The machine starts to glow from within. The atmosphere and the perception of interior decoration vary drastically. 

Eight. Prior to the meeting with the S-Class W222 car audio standard for me was again with his Range Rover Meridian capacity of 1.7 kW, with 29 speakers and a subwoofer. In the flagship Mercedes-Benz is numerically weaker system. Masthead Burmester (+ 434 258.88 rubles to the cost of the basic version) has a lower power – 1520 watts and 23 speakers. Two of them, however, are located on the ceiling, which allows you to create 3D-effect sound. In the development of a sedan engineers applied the technology Frontbass, which allows the subwoofer is not at the door, and in the engine compartment (as a resonator using a 40-liter volume of longitudinal and cross). The same scheme applies, for example, Porsche 911, but on a sedan – first. As a result, even the low-quality MP3 sound here as if you sit on the best places in the concert hall. 

Nine. Finally, adaptive cruise control Distronic Plus. In general, the adaptive cruise control is used for a long time, even on vehicles where the lower class. However, the benefits Distronic Plus in detail. Previously, for example, even on the W221 cruise control mode maintain the distance to the car in front could not get the car to slow down to 0, but to start again, in case the driver had to engage. Now, in the case of short-term (not more than a few seconds), the system will stop the car allows you to get under way after the goal. Plus cruise control reacts brilliantly, for example, dramatically redesigned from the adjacent row machine: instantly slows down and goes back to a predetermined distance. But the most cool “trick» Distronic Plus – it’s a withholding system in the band. She clearly keeps the car in the middle of the series, focusing on the layout. The electronics itself to taxi and even turn into a fairly steep turns, again focusing on the labeling. Quite manage to quit, however, will not work, as soon as the system recognizes that the driver let go of the steering wheel, immediately beeps and displays a warning asking to put your hands on the “steering wheel”. You can outwit the electronics, if one finger to hold the steering wheel, it feels the burden and calmly drives the car. 

Plus, thanks to the system of cameras and radars to detect cars on the adjacent bands (and those that are going to pass, and those that are moving forward, even the park). In the event of a threat of collision, it will beep, and if the driver does not respond, she can slow down the right wheel so that the trajectory of the car changed to a safe. most original abundance of technological innovation – is just one of the trump cards of the new model. Without a modern, bright design the best car in the world has become, definitely. Retaining the general shape of the body, common to all, without exception, the last car Mercedes-Benz, novelty nevertheless stands out from the total number. Such lamps, for example, we’re on the Stuttgart car ever seen. LED strip at the top of blokfary and shaped kukri knife (blade combat Nepalese Gurkhas) – one of the original elements of the front of the car. The other – the radiator grille, which has become much larger than before, and due to the fact that is more upright, it seems the volume.Aggression add profile line of the body, going down from the front to the back, and the original vyshtampovki. Slightly worse than the S-Class look back. Lights resemble the current generation SL, but most importantly – a stern-looking car is much narrower, slightly not combined with his massive head-on. 

AMG-version of the S-Class W222 yet, but some of the submissions to the test vehicles were equipped with the AMG-body kit (403 262 rubles to the starting price of the model). This modification is distinguished by special wheels, body kit on the doorsteps, front bumper (AMG-shny has wider “nostril” inlets and a central cone shape) and a rear bumper that has no chrome strips. Of course, the option with the AMG body kit looks more aggressive, but the difference is not as much as before. The stock car is quite convincing. 

Visually, not so much, but the new flagship of the Mercedes-Benz increased in size. Korotkobaznym version, which, by the way, Russia will not be delivered at all (it is interesting, but the W222 was originally built as a long wheelbase car, the short version was made ​​only later, usually all happens on the contrary), has dimensions: 5,116 mm long, 1,899 mm in width 1483 height (mm 5076-1871-1473 – Dimensions W221). LONG – 5246 mm, length 1899, height 1483 width (W221 – 5206-1871-1473). Wheelbase for both versions has not changed: 3,035 and 3,165 mm respectively. most important impact on the resizing of the free space inside the cabin: the height of the ceiling above the driver’s head has increased by 12 mm, the distance between the driver and front passenger on the shoulders – 14 mm at the level of the elbows – 10 mm, the distance between the backs of the front seats and the rear passenger knees – by 14 mm, the distance between the rear passengers on the shoulder – by 9 millimeters. 


Traveling on the second row generally live as if in a separate world. A unique chair, superkomfortnaya suspension, personal remote control for multimedia, curtains on the windows, cooling cup holders. For an additional fee, however, can make their trip more comfortable. Enough to equip the machine with the following options: a fridge in the rear seat back (75 855.12 rubles), folding tables (124 088.80 rubles), 230V outlet in the rear compartment (8 307,20 rubles), a separate phone in the background arm (65 523.04 rubles), individual entertainment system in the rear (165 469.04 rubles). And it’s really small options such as smoker’s package (5 192 rubles), you can still gain about 50 thousand. Surprises on the road All this can be set in one of two possible options: S 400 Hybrid L and S 500 L.Versions with less powerful petrol units and the diesel engines in our country is not yet available. The potential bestseller, obviously, S 500 L. We tested it. The most powerful is currently the flagship sedan Mercedes-Benz – that’s 455 liters. s. (20 l. With. Compared with W221) and 700 Nm torque. Up to 100 km / h the car accelerates in 4.8 seconds (0.2 seconds faster predecessor), the maximum speed is limited to be expected at around 250 kilometers per hour. 

Power for the car, despite the weight 2015 kg, excess. Light pressure on the gas pedal sedan responds vigorous acceleration, and costs only imbedded pedal at the start a little stronger, a traction control system works. Motor has excellent elasticity, smooth pick-up virtually the entire rev range (according to the documents: the maximum torque available in a range from 1800 to 3500 rev / min, the maximum capacity – 5 250-5 500). W222 rulitsya much better than its predecessor and gambling. Feedback on the “donut” wonderful: no unnecessary noise and vibration. Despite the elongated base, on the road S-class is assembled vehicle that delivers driving pleasure is at the wheel. About W221 is to say it was much more difficult. He was rather bland. Novelty is not like that, although the system and cherish it, not allowing disclose potential by 100%. We drive to the rotation: Resets the gas, front axle load, the input at a decent speed … stabilization system is triggered too early – the car confidently entered in the rotation, there was no danger and close. Sudden braking and then a sharp acceleration on the straight – when you need to switch to several steps up or down, the AKP 7G-Tronic, which in normal mode works quickly and quietly, thinks for a moment. 


Once in a traffic jam when we rebuilt in the next number in a car triggered an emergency brake – emergency gang blinked and blocked the wheels so that the car got a stake. At first glance, there was no danger, but in the evening, when my colleague asked about it at the developer of the system, he assured us that it was tested over one million kilometers, asking the complicated algorithm. It can only work when the computer thinks that a collision is imminent. qualitative and expensive to each component of the new S-class is better than its predecessor. The last argument, able to finish off the most stubborn critic, at first glance, should serve as a price. S 500 L W222 in initial equipment costs 4,990,000 rubles. I wonder whether this is not an attempt to squeeze into the lower, less than 5 million rubles, the category of the recently passed a luxury tax? The same car in the previous body can be bought for 5.1 million rubles. 

But that does not mean that the car has become cheaper. Blank S-class does not take almost no one. For example, the average cost of purchased flagship sedan Mercedes-Benz in 2012 (taking into account the S-Guard and Pullman Guard) amounted to 6 324 969.52 rubles.Meanwhile, all options (albeit with an eye to the growing technological) to W222 became more expensive. For example, a night vision system is 140,651 rubles, panoramic roof – 96,519 rubles, adaptive lighting roads – 102 749 rubles. At the predecessor of these functions can be ordered for 107 578, 82 760 and 72 377 rubles, respectively. Maximum stocked S 500 L W222 (according to the configurator on the official website of the brand) will cost a solid 8389 825.44 rubles. This car will be installed absolutely all the possible options. Again, the battle

To date, neither Audi A8, BMW 7-nor series – eternal rivals by a large German trio – S-Class are not rivals. Perhaps, even in terms of driving pleasure at the wheel on which and Audi, and BMW won before. The new “seven” can be presented already at the Frankfurt Motor Show, but sales before 2015 do not appear. To compete with the flagship Mercedes-Benz, the Bavarians will have to surprise the consumer with something more tangible than an interesting system ConnectedDrive. In any case, apparently, before 2015 no S-Class will not slip off the podium. This is despite the fact that the flagship Mercedes-Benz, and so becomes a bestseller in its segment in all key markets. In Russia, for example, for the year 2012 was sold 1626 S-Class, 1371 A8 and 1329 BMW 7-series. Not surprising if in the near future Mercedes will take away half of the customers and the competitors will go into an even more impressive lead over his pursuers. Luxury tax (up factor for motor vehicle tax of 1.5 or 2 times, depending on whether the car is more expensive than 5,000,000 rubles) noise that definitely will not. All’s fair: the best car in the world – the best in the world of selling. At least in its class. 

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