Performance Mods Of Yamaha Fz-S (HHO kit), Second Review By Ashwin Gan

It’s been quite a while since my first review of the most fuel efficient Fz(63 Kmpl Mileage On Yamaha Fz-S(using HHO kit) Ownership Review By Ashwin Gan). Now, the odo has clocked to about 33500+ kms and a bit of performance mods accompanying that. The recent upgrades were : NGK Iridium Spark plug and K&N Air filter.

Update:- Ashwin Gan sold his Yamaha FZ-S and bought a new Honda CBR 250R. Here’s Why!

Replacing the stock NGK spark plug with the NGK Iridium IX plug which costed me Rs.570 has made a marginal improvement in the overall acceleration (say about 10 – 15%). The other upgrade is replacing the stock air filter with the K&N YA-1611 high-flow stock replacement filter which costed me Rs. 3349 has brought quite a major change in the overall acceleration. Moreover, K&N claims increase in horsepower and acceleration and apart from that, lifetime warranty for this product. Now, measuring 0-100 isn’t time consuming as before; just twist the throttle and you see the revs and digits on the speedo climbing faster than before. To be more specific, it isn’t the pickup but, the acceleration par the low range all the way to the red line.

Earlier, i could feel the engine tends to get out of breath while cruising in 90+ or even while overtaking at those speeds but, NOT ANYMORE! While, the only factor of disappointment is that there is no change in sound. Being a performance filter, we expect a growl n roar along with the performance boost. But, sadly you will miss that. May be we are supposed to spend extra for a performance exhaust for that. Anyway, the final verdict : Extracted a bit more of juice/performance from the 153cc mill along with its unbelievable mileage figures. Now the end result is, more of adrenaline rush without burning a hole in your pockets lol :D!

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7 thoughts on “Performance Mods Of Yamaha Fz-S (HHO kit), Second Review By Ashwin Gan

  1. Siddharth

    I have heard about engine getting rusted by HHO KIT. is your bike experiencing that?
    and can we put HHO kit and Daytona dagrex silencer kit in the same bike?

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  3. bakul

    I want to this kit so plz reply me.. Where i buy this kit and where i fitt in bike..

  4. sathiyaraj

    Hi my bike is fz-s ddrivenin 33600 km I will fit hho filter ??
    Its useful or not?


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