Problems that KTM duke faces regularly,Duke issues

Ktm has a big brand value in off roading bike segments.But from some forums we had got reports that duke faces many problems regularly.Following are the  problems said by the  Ktm Duke owners.


1.Engine heat is a problem in KTM bikes.But its normal in any high performance liquid cooled bike.It is felt when the radiator fan switches on.

2.Leak in coolant-In some dukes,coolant gets leaked and needs to be top up within small kms.

3.Chain slapping the swingarm-While driving on Indian roads,chains are mostly getting badly loosen causing uncomfortable riding conditions.

4.Before first run-in, Engine seizures occur in dukes-This happens to people who do not run their machines properly.Engines gets badly affected by it.On its warranty time,if any engine seizures occur,company will replace it with a newer engine.

5.Feels Hard seats for some riders-Some riders complaints that the seat seems to be bit harder and they don’t get couch-like comfort.This is mainly complainted by the riders who sits in their office on their bums in the chairs.

6.Gear stuck with Neutrals-When a upshift or downshift from first to second gear or vice versa occurs,gear gets stucked with neutral.This problem is found in Hero Honda karizma ZMR too.If this problem occurs between gears check the linkage of the gear shift.

7.Another major problem is that bike sound like a tractor.At first time we will be quite disappointed about the sound of KTM bikes.Sounds of many v-twins especially those do duty on the Ducatis and the KTMs are same.But we will be addicted to the sound after  long rides.

These are the major problems  owners have with duke.And these are not that much large issues because these issues can be solved by the proper servicing and handling of vehicle.

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40 thoughts on “Problems that KTM duke faces regularly,Duke issues

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  2. Eashan

    So if you’re planning to own a KTM then this one’s for you. Keep all of these problems in mind before you purchase.

  3. ashish

    all high performance bikes have problems but these are very small compared to design and specs of ktm and can be rectified easely

  4. Mc den alexis castil

    i have problem with my ktm duke 200 radiator fan, it does not work during high temperature

    1. Dhr

      You have to replace with new one. I had the same problem with my duke. Later on i changed it and worked fine.

  5. Mc den alexis castil

    i have problem with my ktm duke 200 radiator fan, it does not work during high temperature

  6. rohan

    Whenever I fill in the coolant, it leaks after certain time even when the bike is off for a long time. I ride a RC 200 currently. It is a normal thing or I need to check up for it?

  7. pavan manoj

    I own a duke 200.. it is very comfortable and I really love the features of my bike. But then I really get screwed when I apply the breaks on d road… I have tried many things and different ways of applying breaks.. but then everytime I end up with a skid … what should I do

    1. kartik

      If rear tyre is getting skid ,u can check it with ur chain tightening .Is it set to up-down?
      U can loosen it up in the service center

  8. Sai

    Is cheap KTM 390 worth?
    I own a Duke 390, it completed 1 year by june 2015. So, far journey with duke was fun filled. But at this point of time i am looking forward to sell of the bike sadly as i have loosing faith 🙁

    – Indicator not working after repetitive repair.
    – Steal metal covering creating noise as the screw/hinges loosened/rusted . Took to showroom but in vain. Finally i have to remove it 🙁
    – Recently my Air filter box developed crack automatically and hot gas from engine coming out of it with a typical uncomfortable smell. As i was interacting with the mechanic he revealed that its common problem.

    Overall the lack of spare parts is a big issue . Many of us are having issue with their bike

    I agree with Pramod so certain extent. Selling the bike is not the solution. Lets us together raise our voice.

  9. Hameem

    I am looking to buy a ktm 200, i had options of RC 390 and Duke 390. I feel that 390cc is a monster of bike .
    Honestly too much of power for me to handle, I rode the bike and it kept asking for more no matter how fast I was on the 390’s.
    I have opted for duke 200 instead.
    Please suggest me ASAP which is better, I go for a long rides once a month.
    Can I install ABS on a Duke 200??
    Please reply
    Many thanks.

    1. dr.m.s.reddy

      ABS comes with the bike . you cant instal on you own. for longer rides 390 is preferable due to its fuel tank capacity and higher cc

  10. duke

    i own a duke 200 and i love the bike there are some cons i would like to explain
    1- chain lube is 114 Rs(need to do it every 500kms)
    2- fork oil leak(changed oil & oil seal for 1300 + after ac week reoccur)
    3 – radiator fan changed(new one has cover)
    4-changed battery + startup plate
    it may be common in a sports bike i previously owned a pulsar i rode 27000km only only changing front tyre chain and cd unit engine oil
    as a duke owner i would tell others to keep the vehicle dust free always clean the dust on fork chain radiator fan mostly
    5 parts are pricy it will be hard for a middle class person to put price on it(as u ride your bike sudden high coolant radiator fan needed to change is 2600rs )
    7 i forget to mention stand sensor issue
    the cons are
    1 whatever problems its just awesome to ride

  11. Srigovind

    Chain slapping the swingarm-While driving on Indian roads,chains are mostly getting badly loosen causing uncomfortable riding conditions.

    What is the right way to solve this issue?

    1. Reeto

      Unfortunately there’s no way to solve this issue, other than visiting the KTM service center every 400 odd kms to adjust the chain. Such frequent visits may not be possible for working individuals who are already constrained for time. KTM is not taking any step towards rectifying this issue

  12. firzy

    Well duke200 is a pretty sweet ride. Problem i have is i own both duke 200 and rouser 135, my rouser is way older. It is fully modified though. Set up is for racing. Despite that duke having the higher displacement should be faster right? It is not the case though. It seemed like it can’t maintain its power. Nonetheless i love em both. Worked hard to get both.

  13. Kartheek

    I owned KTM duke 200 run 1000 km with in a 3 days. I had a so much fun on ride everything is fine. I got 2 issues in the bike using time.

    1 seats are v herd driving seat is while riding making heard of our bumps and skins burning.

    2. If back seat filed it’s tip speed is 120-130 only. If single it’s top speed 140-150.

    Thank you.I give it’s 9 out of 10

  14. su shant

    I have problem with my head light sometimes it doesnt work please help me
    how can I get rid from this problem

  15. Sameer

    EverYthing is perfeCt but the fuel tank is smaller according to this bike.

  16. Jasim raza

    Sir what is the problem ,If i ride my bike Sometimes it stop engine Automatically

  17. Mandar

    now figure this , every time i ride my duke 200 with headlight on , the temperature reading climbs and shows high coolant temperature , i switch the headlight off , the temperature comes down to normal.

  18. Dheeraj

    I have a complaint in my duke 200..I filled half tank fuel..but always showing low fuel and warning sign showing..can any suggest me the solution

    1. Anirban Mukherjee

      Your fuel sensor is not working properly. Get it checked in service center. If its within warranty then it will be free of cost!

  19. akshay

    Change ur bike and purchase 150cbr which is very comfortable in sitting and riding to and maintenance is 150 cc challenges with 200 cc

  20. adam

    my 2015 duke 390 gave me a problem today downshifting from 4th gear to 3rd gear it doesnt engaged in 3rd.The clutch is fine I dropped the bike at the ktm service center I hope they have the part in order to fix the problem, bike still has a warranty

  21. Gokul

    I am a duke 200 owner… of year 2015…. My duke is feeling a problem that the handle is swinging to and fro when takes 120+…. New Tyres… What is the problem..??

  22. Manikanth

    i hv duke 200. evrytime riding on offroad from rear side comes a sound like “tuk tuk tuktuk”..y? totaly confused! any solution pls..

    1. Iqbal Hussain

      Bro the tail light bangs to the rear mudguard
      Same pblm me too facing nothing to worry

  23. Iqbal Hussain

    My ktm 200 getting switched off while on drive no display, no ignition sign not starting even
    Can any one suggest wat to do

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  25. Punkrider

    Got coolant leaks here too bro.. No other big issues since 4 years of my d200 . Finally my engine seized and ktm workmen asking 20-25000 since warranty finished. Does it cost around the same? Thinking for a local professional to get my engine soul back.

  26. Punkrider

    @iqbal: check your ignition button. It gets rusty inside . Get a rust remover spray and spray in.

  27. amir ali ansari

    My new duke 200 only drove 300km nd some thing out from headgas kit i dont know what is it any issue


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