Pulsar 220 problems or issues found and their solutions

In this post we are clubbing the more rampant issues of pulsar 220 together along with their probable resolutions.This post is dedicated to all bikers who own Bajaj Pulsar 220.


Issues found in Pulsar 220

1.Engine is very harsh and it is hard to change gears

If you feel your engine is very harsh and gears are hard,change to good quality semi synthetic or synthetic oils.This will reduce vibrations and will improve gear shift feel.

2.Bike doesn’t go over 120kmph

Every 220 can reach upto 140kmph easily.If your 220 cant go  beyond 120,then get your bike tuned properly.Tuning makes the engine more healthier. Dont tune engine for best performance or mileage.Make an optimum balance b/w two.

3.Continuous tik tik sound from the engine and less performance

Ask the service men to tighten your bike’s tappets.

4.Bike returns a fuel efficiency of only 28kmpl

A healthy 220 will return mileage of 32-38kmpl.If you are getting lesser than that check if you are running rich on the air-fuel ratio (AFR) and set your AFR to the optimum position by altering the AFR screw on the carburetor.

5.Bike’s engine goes off while riding and comes to life upon restarting after a little while

This is an issue service center men fail to detect properly.If you have similar issue then just get your carburetor float needle free.Better if you overhaul your carburetor.

6.Steering feels heavy and unnatural

This is an issue with the cone set.Check the cone set and verify and change  if it has become culprit.

7.Screeching sound from rear brakes

This is caused due to  little faults with the stock rear KBX calipers.For solving it change your disc setup to Bybre’s and remember to change the complete setup with disc,disc pads, oil box, pipe and calipers.

8.Less stopping power for rear brakes

This case happens for most of 220’s.But when it is reported to bajaj people,they say that it is kept low for avoiding disc locking while hard braking.This problem can be reduced by changing disc setup to the latest Bybre’s(dont  forget to change complete setup with disc,disc pads, oil box, pipe and calipers).

9. Nothing happens when the starter button is pushed multiple times.

It is not a problem.It is a safety feature of  bike.After 3 back to back cranks, it disengages.It is for saving your battery and starter motor. Before giving each recrank give proper time.

10. Bad ‘khrr khrr’ sound as if some electricals are misbehaving

Check the source of sound.It will be probably from starter motor.If  its from starter motor, get the starter motor changed.

11.Oil leak from gearbox

In some 220’s we can see oil drops on the ground and on the frame just below the gearbox.This oil leak is caused  from the Neutral Switch not from the gear box.It is caused due to inappropriate sized small round rubber sealing in the neutral switch.If there is oil leak, take the stock small rubber ring out and install a fatter appropriate sized one.

And if you still sees oil drops and if your neutral switch is running dry there is one more opening for the oil after removing the crankcase.Check whether the sealing is tightly fixed.Before checking the stock rubbers,make sure that the oil you see is engine oil.In most of the cases,the oil you see will be  chain lube or chain spray that gets spilled onto it.

12.Oil leaks from the block or cylinder head

This issue is reported by many owners who use high quality synthetic oils like Motul 300V. It is an unresolved issue from Bajaj.This problem can be reduced by  installing a better gas kit along with a sealant to prevent the leakage.The leakage cant be completely resolved but this will reduce the leakage.This method is not recommended as it would unnecessarily require your cylinder’s opening up.

13.Bike wobbles at high speeds

  • Check the bike’s alignment
  • Check wether Cone set is culprit
  •  Check that rims are not bent and tires have adequate treads and pressure.

14.Bike doesn’t start on mornings

220 comes with an auto choke system.When engine is cold, temperature sensor sends signals of activation to activate auto choke.So in cold mornings this auto choke helps bike getting started.If your bike doesn’t start on mornings,check whether temperature sensor or auto choke is malfunctioning.

If you feel any other issues with your 220’s,make us know by commenting below. Also for more updates on their coming pulsar 200SS and pulsar 375, subscribe below.

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160 thoughts on “Pulsar 220 problems or issues found and their solutions

  1. roshan sitaula

    i also hav pulsor 220f and my problem is notabove all problem unique problem when i start my bike in the morning engine sound is goood but when it starts to run hot then som sound somes from upper side of the engine and it depends on rpm.sound becomes loud when rpm is higher and sound becomes low when rpm begins to fallto normal temperature..but not while riding when brake the bike in gear and my bike is still on then i hear som tak kat kat kat sound from upper side of the engine.but when my bikeengines becomes cold then no sound comes..is is normal in every 220f bikes

    1. Shekhar Dixit

      If your bike’s idling (Race) remains low at cold engine temperature and high at warm engine tempearture. then you have engine compression related problems.
      the Kat kat noise you described is the Tappet clearances noises coming from engine Head, set them 0.05mm for intake valve and 0.10 mm for exhaust.
      test the engine compression by performing compression test.
      Also check the idling (Race) is stable or fluctuating between 1000 to 1300 rpm, if it is fluctuating it’s a clear sign of low cylinder compression.

      1. suraj chavan

        My rpm is fluctuating..I turned my AFR SCREW…more vibrations from engine plz help…..

        1. Gaja

          Check the power supply to spark plug a pin will be loosened check and fix it.it will be below the tank(right side).faced same problem.

  2. Anand Kumbhar

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I have Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSI FI of model 2007. It was working fine before 5-6 days but suddenly while going on the bike, it got stopped (loosing ignation). I tried to restart it, but it was giving some noise in the engine or chain khar-khar-kar voice. At present the vehicle is not working due to that problem and parked in parking area of my house. I shown to some mechanics but they are not in a position to identify the correct problem and it’s solution also. Request to guide me accordingly so that my bike will start running. Thanks in advance for proper solution.

    1. lohithgowda

      make sure ur engine plates are changed and make sure ur engine has a good engine oil and pls be advisied that this problem mostely happens because off the engine oil and the plates so pls get that fixed and please be advisied show it to the authorised dealers off bajaj authorised dealers

      1. tinoy

        guys i hav a pulsar 220 fi 2008 model runs verry well bt nw currently in d service centre due to no current flow… has ne1 facd ds similar prob… if yes pls tl me wats tob done
        nd wat m8 b d costs fr d starter coil nd cdi

    2. sayan

      It is a very known problem for 2007 to 2009 pulsar 220’s. As for my experience your bikes start-up motor or which u can call it as self motor is malfunctioned. Visit to nearby bajaj mechanic or simply you can go for changing the star-up motor. I hope your problem will be solved

    3. vamsireddy

      leake some petrol in the waste pipe via boult beside the corpenter i think its over flow the petrol then it gets tup tup tup sounds

      1. pankaj

        i m facing the same problem plz advice me sumthin to solve this problem

    4. Devansh

      Bro just change ur starter relay..!!
      Which is located on battery side..

  3. Burhan

    My pulser 220f is nt starting….or any other shelf problem is there…..
    Battery is working properly bt than also…it is nt starting….
    Plzz give ans to this problem….plzzzZ

    1. lohithgowda

      nothing as such please have a check with ur battery wen off the battery should shoe 12.346 and when the bike is on (ideling) it should show 14.56 if its correct then have a check with the wiring nothing wrong with the bike

    2. Adarsh

      Check the cable connected to the self-start … May be it is close to engine and might have burned ….

    3. nawaz

      Bro check ur selfmotter boshes when the bushes problem is tr that time also its mack lick similar problem’s in pulsar

    1. mrck123

      while driving at highway my when i reach speed above 70 my bike engine starts to vibrate some say that i dont know know how to shift the grears at right time is there any fixed time toshift gears?

  4. Shyam

    The bike vibrates or wobbles, because of the rear wheel offset, which the stupid Bajaj techs have failed to fix and are covering up like the respondent above saying to look for cone set issues. This is a design problem and they have now introduced a tilted swing arm to fool the public. The riders end up with pain in the shoulder, elbow or knuckle.

  5. habib

    i have pulsar 220f. Model : plasma blue.Bike doesn’t go over 120kmph. Now what can i do?

    1. hamza

      Dear brother ,
      your bike is little bit running lean .Better go to service center and ask them to do the needful.

    2. lohithgowda

      unless the red light is on on the spdo meter need not have to worry so chillaxe

  6. sunny phull

    just now i bought a new pulsar 220f in diwali. The problem is while driving the main stand of the bike is scratch the speed-breaker on an normal speed & also taking right turn. & front faring also not sounds good KHT-KHT like this.

    Pls advice.

    1. nakul

      m also facing same prblm yaar :/

      whn givin pick-up @ lowr rpm engin got roughness

      1. Harish G S

        Dear friends.
        in 220f pulsar I also face the same problem like center stand teach to speed breaker.
        I have a solution for this problem, do one thing they are given rubber bush for center stand remove that and fixit revers side your problem is solve almost 99% it will not teach any speed breakers.

    2. RajSekhar alluri

      1 month back i purchased 220f .. i am facing this problem. in my village we cant expect plain road for more than 2-3 km and plenty of speedbrks in front of every house and starting and ending street..

      so in order to solve stand problem i just removed grip between stand and other point(which lay on it) and keep any other small peace of grip or any other in order to avoid sound between them.. if it not solved remove stand completely… but dnt try to do welding or some other it may effect to silence and engine Beating sound

      Rajsekhar alluri (Andhra Pradesh)

  7. Biraj Gautammy

    too much sound from vizor and handle bar is loose … some one moved my bike when it was locked , do u know how can it be repaired ?

  8. tanma kadam

    I own 220 frm 3 years but as d bike is getting older n older d firing of bike is changing as per ……..now its not smooth like it used to be a different type of sound cums as if nuts r loose or some parts of engine r loose …..I took it to garage but he told DAT pulsars get this noise after 3 yrs ….m worried help me out

    1. lohithgowda

      just show it to the bajaj authorised dealers near ur hme

  9. Sums

    The main stand issue in pulsar can be solved, just turn the rubber upside down where main stand rest below silencer. Top part should be down and main rubber should be up ( inverted). It takes two minutes only to do this, now with pillion rider also main stand doesn’t drag in speed beakers or in rough road neither scratches while bending in corners. Don’t worry about thand sound since upper part also contains rubber which will prevent that sound in bumps….cheers guys

    1. Dhaivik

      I have done this change, inverted the rubber bush. But still I have the problem, with a pillion rider, the stand still touches the bumps. Any other suggestions on this?

  10. Sums

    Mr. Tanma Kadam, For lower power or more noise from engine you have to use the best mobile with specified grades, then change the both spark plug, check/ replace air filter and air fuel mixture which should me balanced, tune engine, also try to polish your cylinder heads, if necessary change check or replace timing chain (cam chain), overhaul the carburetor, check n adjust valve. If your bike has crossed 30000 km better flush the engine with engine flush oil found in market and use better quality of fuel, I think this would help your pulsar to feel like new….cheers

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  12. Amit

    sir, i have a pulsar 220 f, it has a problem in clutch it creates a very bad sound from clutch (as like chhr chhr sound) when i drove my bike some km in morning,this sound will be made till bike does not stop.

  13. Akhil Sachdeva

    I bought a second hand pulsar 220f… it is 2 yrs old… before i have taken this bike all the services was done from bajaj itself… nw i am confused for which engine oil i should use and aftr hw many kms.. should i change the engine oil.. bike have done 20000 kms… so far
    Should i use castrol gtx 20w 50 or Gulf 4t 20w 50…or any other oil… ??

    Please suggest me…

  14. Mithesh

    Bike engine getting off while gear down. changed the rubber connection in the carborator.. For one week bike was perfect bit now same problem… Engine automatically racine while putting clutch. Mileage 45.. Starting problem in the beginning itself. its 4 month old new bike.

  15. muzammil T

    hy sir, i owned a 220 plasma blue of 2 years older. nwow i am facing the problem with cone kit the bike produces ‘tuk tuk” sound while applying front disk. bajaj team told me to replace cone set and after replacement also the problem continues. what shoul i do next

    1. Djay

      Make sure dey change the coneset in front of you and correctly adjusted,,,dnt trust bajaj authorised service dealers,,,the work dey do jus sucks,Best advice giv a normal mechanic and make sure wat work he does infront and take the delivery of your bike,the best advice for ur benefit !

  16. jason

    I have Pulser 220 FI 2008 and Ignition red light remains on even while driving – is it a air filter or engine oil or FI problem

    Please advise it is very urgent since not all bajaj service center are servicing 220 FI.



  17. Kiran S

    Like Bullet HEAVY.. if we ride on a small humb , , stant gets scrach on road… braking sysestem is soo poor..

  18. lohithgowda

    listen i am not able to stop the petrol leak from the over flow pipe and the white pipe which is actually sealed so can u please help me on that

  19. Amit

    hi guys, my pulsar 220 is now not performing good. from last few days i found that it running heavy,consuming more fuel and reduced acceleration. more throttle -less speed and power

  20. Mrittunjoy Chowdhury


    My bike is working absolutely fine except for one niggling issue that keeps annoying me is the “Low fuel oil level” indicator on the dash (extreme far right icon) that runs all the time on my pulsar 220F DTSI 2009 edition. I checked with PBK service guys and they say when the oil does get thin and the engine pot does give empty some oil when this trigger gets the low fuel activated.

    Please Please … and Puhleez help me .. I am done and dusted with forums and blogs.

  21. rajan adhikari

    My bike is working well but it has the problem in headlight. When I turn on the headlight only dimmer glows whenever i turn the plug for upper that do not work and also the pass light do not work.. what is the problem.. Can u help me?

  22. Pawan

    mistakenly my cousin put on Mobil to rear disks….
    and brakes donot apply when i am riding…
    if quick suggestion is there sort me out plz…

    does it fix.. or need some workshop help?

    1. Manoj

      Clean your disk by hand washing and then take a carbon paper (polish paper) and rob it on disk as we polish break shoe in 150 then it starts working

  23. natesh kumar


    i purchased a second hand pulsar 220 2012 model…i am afraid that bike was used for racing purpose but i have bought it with out doing any research…i feel bike is wobbling and shaking while crossing 70…also when ver i rise the accelerator it sounds like fast moving but it has low pick up….the front fork is like iron hitting on another iron …not feeling as if driving a bike but a bullock cart with sounds…. what are the things i must do….please help me to sort out…
    if it is possible kindly message that ideas to 9791643265…. i would be happy if some one gives me gud tips ….please help me friends .

  24. Jinu

    My Pulsar 220F is not going beyond 126 km/h . I want to know how to tune the engine.

  25. mubbashir motiwala

    Sir , I m takeing new bike which i should take pulsar 220f or karizma ZMR 2014

    1. Flaming Wheels

      Stay off the Pulsar 220F, go for the 2014 Karizma ZMR or the Honda CBR250R. Please stay off any Bajaj product if you want any peace of mind.

      1. Jebin C Thaliyan Post author

        Hero and Honda products are always at best quality but they are more pricier than Bajaj. If one needs a super quality bike made in India go for Honda and if you need more power in a cheaper price tag choose Bajaj. and if you need something between them choose Hero.

    2. Jebin C Thaliyan Post author

      It depends upon you. When compared both:-

        more power
        low mileage
        low build quality
        low price
        more maintenance


        low power
        perfect touring bike
        good seating posture
        good mileage
        more resale price
        more costlier
        less maintenance
  26. Flaming Wheels

    I am facing serious issues of vibrations on my 1 month old P220F, its 1300 kms driven already. Irritating vibrations at the foot-pegs, tank, seat. Bike has been to the service center on 4 occasions already with no improvement. Not even able to maintain 80 kmph on highways due to vibrations. Bajaj engineer Mr Santosh Ayachit from Pune says this is normal on a Pulsar. My sincere advise to all riders, please don’t buy Bajaj products, its utter crap.

    1. Jebin C Thaliyan Post author

      Now the company says it has improved the build quality. More products are coming from Bajaj sooner so let’s wait and see how Bajaj has improved their products.

  27. jaison

    i have a problem with my 220S. the engine oil gets reduced after long rides. there is no visible oil leakage through the oil seals n other places. i feel the oil is evaporating. does anybody have this problem. lately i found the engine to be a little rough and when checked the oil level to my surprise i was not able to find any oil in the engine. should i keep toping up or does this happen after long rides. have anybody experienced my same problems pls do reply. thanks.

    1. Shekhar Dixit

      Did you feel any white smoke when accelerating hard? If it is then your motorcycle piston rings are worn.
      Simply open one of the spark plug and check it is wet with an oil or not, wet spark plug means oil is getting past the piston rings and burning in the combustion chamber.
      All you need to do is fitting new piston along with new cylinder block and all necessary maintenance like head decarbonise.

  28. shoolpani

    I have a Pulsar 220 Fi edition byke. I have a strange problem. When i start my bike in the morning it starts fine and runs fine for few minutes but after that at low gears it starts behaving very strange. I seems it has no power. Sometimes even after increasing acceleration it does not give any pickup. Many a times it gives jerk and all of a sudden it will increase in power and when i stich gear then the same problem again.
    Its really trouble some to ride bike till 3 gears.
    Can somebody suggest what might the problem be?

  29. anand

    Hello, I am thinking of buying 220F by exchanging my 2012 Discover 100cc.
    I dont plan to push the bike to high speeds.
    I plan to go on long drive of 400km (800km total with return) every month along with normal commuting.
    Is a 220F a good choice. I am choosing it over 180 just for its bulkier looks.
    My objective is to keep it for long time. Hope it can work well even after 10 years.

  30. abhijith

    Hi All

    I have a 220 2013 model 12 months old approx 14 k completed should will it be a problem if i start ripping every day at high speeds let’s say 135 ??

  31. Syed Zeeshan

    Hi to the gurus here. I own a Pulsar 220 F 2010 model, there is some strange issue i have found. Sunddenly the bike tends to lack power just like it happens when you are out of petrol. I full my tank every month and there is no issue of petrol. 6 months earlier I had the same problem when i went to a local tech he said there is some problem with coil settings etc, changed my spark plugs its was rectified but I dont have perment solution to this. Please let me know whats the exact cause of this problem and what are the measure that I have to take to cure it.

    1. Esn

      U can clean ur petrol tank it hpn bcoz of water in petrol tank

  32. alshoja

    Sir i hav a pulsur 220f 2015 model and yesterday i fall in big gutter while overtakng a car and now when i ride ma bike it is giving a phisile sound from the front wheel while rotating plzzz give the reason
    Thank u 🙁

  33. navi

    Everything is good on part for pulsar 220 except rear braking..I have 2014 model .after my first service engine become more noisy and rear brakes is very less..I told service provider for the same so while proclaiming they said it will automatically sets to original one..so please tell me is there any other mean to have good rear braking systems. Thank you

  34. aditya

    I’m really disappointed with pulsar 220f.
    I’have purchase a new model of 2014….
    How to stop the sound of the visor of 220f??????

  35. Aalok

    I own a pulsar 220,2014 model it has run 13000 kilometers and makes unusual sound like rubbing of something inside the engine & doesn’t go over 120 kmph also vibrates too much at low speeds.

    Dear friends kindly give some good solution if u have faced same problem I will be highly obliged.

  36. Mayank

    I have pulsar 220 DTS-Fi 2007 model Black color. i enjoyed my bike a lot but now a day i facing a problem with speed.

    When i reach to the speed of 70 km\hr or above, i feel the vibration in my bike and it hardly goes above 100.

    Can anyone help me hoe to get rid of this vibration and how to increase the speeding performance (at-least expected to till 110 ) ?

    Thanking you,

    Mayank Kumar

  37. vivek

    i have pulsar 220 f latest edition the problem is oil gets leak regularly whenever iride my bike at 115km or 120km is this a serious issue. my bike goes 125km easily i never tried riding my bike more then 125km but it feels rusty to ride doesnt get the feeling like im riding pulsar 220. is their any solution for my problem please help me.
    thank you.

  38. navajyoth cs

    Do I need to limit the speed to 50kmph till the first 1000km. I just brought the new pulsar 200F 2015 model.

  39. Rajasekar

    Hi My Pulsar starts while ignition it.
    When I raise the accelerator it switch off the engine.
    its is starting perfectly but if I raise to move the vehicle it auto switch off the engine .
    What will be the issue.
    please help

  40. Omar Ballouch

    I have pulsar 180 and I noticed a problem in that.
    when I start the bike and when I am on driving, the red light inside the switch board which is belongs to engine oil is turning on and I don’t know what is the problem. I am changing the oil every 10 or 15 days or after riding 500 km. Could you please tell me what is the problem or it may have any bad affects on bik?
    Waits for your response.

  41. SAURAV


  42. pavan

    i have took bajaj pulsar 220 F in the company they have put and gave me a remote system now the bike not getting start, still bike warranty is for 7 months if i push the bike in down it will start in gear not in self , what shall i do for this problem

  43. vin

    I have pulsar 2201st model when i start it my bike have certain vibration and battery gets spoiled

  44. nevin jos

    Hi..I have a pulsar 220 purchased in 2013..,everything is fine till date. I hope am doing its service properly. but today I see a problem with the bright light switch. Am not able to turn off the bright light. It seems always in that blue colour when I start my bike.. Kindly help me to resolve this issue asap. Thank you…

  45. mohit bhatnagar.

    on the speed of 70km pr hour.. . rpm 5 to 6 bike front faring sound like taaar… what i do.. its my new bike..
    also i m getting one more problem =>is leaking oil for my bike cylinder head … (choosing pulsar220 is my ever badly mistake i do in my like).. bajaj service man told me that bhai thodii bhot awaaj to atii haiii….

  46. sumit das

    plzzz help me which oil is better for 22of is it motul 330v or sum other oil plzz help coz i luv rush riding like drag race so u want to maintain my bike

  47. sanjay

    My Fuel indicator is not working properly. Even if do full tank, fuel indicator shows only half. This issue is there from the time I purchased the bike. When I told at service centre they tell I need to fill the tank full and need to bring to rectify the problem. I don’t understand these people as its their duty to rectify the problems. Please let me know how to fix this issue.

      1. faruk

        May baic 220f 2013 4 month pro is 60 speed over speed bick off 1 minit bick stat

  48. Sushil.subu

    I have a problem with my pulsar 220f… If i ride my bike on 5 th gear the rpm needle doesnt go above 8 and the running speed is stopped on 130.. Plz give me a solution (till 4th gear it crosses the red line but when i shift it to 5th gear rpm comes back down to 8)

  49. sanjeev

    I have 2011 model pulsae 220f. From past week i am faceing a peculiar problem in my tail light.it works fine when i press breaks but it goes dead while lights are on. They light up only when i oress either of breaks only plz help

  50. Siddharth Baruah

    My new pulsar 220.
    3 months running, 2400kms.
    My bike doesn’t go over 124kmph.
    What is the problem?
    I’m worried.

  51. Adarsh

    My pulsar 220 was going over the humb and road pits the center stand was cracking the road…

  52. Manoj

    I hav pulsar 220 2013 model i observe a prblm in pickup .my bike looses pickup and rgains itself what is the prblm?

  53. sandesh badiger

    I bought a pulsar 180 in july month 2015 after first servicing i noticed oil leakge from engine head showed this to showroom again they checked all the upper head nuts but still oil was leaking again i showed to them they told will need to get head changed so they changed it with new one on 1700km and now the bike has run to 2100 km and again iam facing same issue there is oil leakae from head at right side

  54. Rohit

    220 F 2012 model.. yesterday its get off while i m Riding bike… nothing working in my bikec.. no meter no light
    . no horn.. no self.. its gets off too far away from service centar.. plz help.

  55. Sarthak kumar

    Pulsar 220 is a good bike . It do have power and pickup. But the main problem in pulsar 220 is its front kid(fairing) vibration. I get really angry with its irritating noise. And the tank also vibrates badly.

  56. Vikas Chauhan

    I have p 220f, and my bike has problem that it shows randomly low engine oil indication in meter display. But oil is optimised amd its upto the level.

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  58. Ariafh Qureshi

    Guys is it advisable to buy used Pulsar 220 2010 model which has clocked 50000kms.
    Some say that Bajaj Bike engines are not long lasting as Honda and yamaha, and advised me not to go for bajaj pulsar 220 used.

    Please advice, the bike is in exclellent condition looks wise , but is it true about the engine ????

    1. arshil

      if i change the oil motul 300v to simple one ..will the leakage problem from block seal sorted out..? please reply soon

  59. kiran

    in my 220f get mileage 31km .how can I improve it??? it runs about 9500km…and its 6 month old only. ….

    1. CrAnStOn DsOuZa

      Tune the carburetor to a lean mixture rather than a richer one.

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  61. Sadiq Ahamed

    Hii buddy plz help me to solve my problem of 220 fi ,when I go fast the bike runs good, when I drive below 50 the bike gives me jhatkas like petrol is over but petrol was always there, only when I change gairs and realese cluth, I changed cluth cable, spark plug and carburater changed I ceaked wiring , current everything but the machanic not getting were is the problem plz tell me right solution. …..

    1. russel roxas

      When I start b 4 my rouser 220 cc model 2013 , they have blick blick always the arrow in the up of speed meter.. now my bike , no start , help me, plss what is the problem.,

  62. russel roxas

    Hillo my rouser 220 model2013 the problem now no start, they have a sign in speed meter .. arrow sign . What is the problem like these,, evrey start blick blick the arrow.. pllsss help me.,

  63. manik

    My bike doesn’t start in neutral gear. It starts only when I D da clught.

  64. ranjith

    guys I am buying 220 pulsar with fuel injection system ….is it gud to buy or try some other plz reply

  65. ranjith

    it was comfortable wen I took a test drive. …is the braking system gud….and can i go for it

  66. Yorrick

    Got a Pulsar 220….2010 model…..there is oil leakage next 2 the front disk and also bike often moves toward the left if I Dnt have a tight grip on d Handel….ne suggestions for a permanent fix………

  67. Shreyas

    The rear brake pads and lining was changed as it had worn out.
    But after the replacement,on applying rear brake, produces a screeching sound.
    What can be the problem?

  68. Aditya

    I have change cluth plate and hubs of p220f 2011 model and bike fully vibrates at 3 ,4 rpm plz give me a fixed solution

  69. akash tiwari

    i was riding my bike on lonavala high way and my bike back portion start dancing after going 90 and above speed what is the problem can u tell me

  70. akash tiwari

    i was riding my bike on lonavala highway and when i cross the speed of 90 km/p
    then the back portion of my 220 was dancing can u please help me out ,…………………………….??????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. Chavda aakib

      Simple tire problem.. bro.. your bike tire have cut.. means .. little bit band soo thats why your bike iss dancing .. soo change the tire

  71. CrAnStOn DsOuZa

    I am planning to install a K&N 1100 Air Filter in my Pulsar 220F. I am supposed to fit the air filter directly to the carburetor. But I am not sure what is the use of the two small pipes attached to the air box. Can I just leave it or else make a slot on the air filter housing to connect these pipes? Plz help

  72. Vaibhav Dave

    There aee 2 problem in my 220f 2012 model
    1st is that it is not fuel efficient it gives only 15 kmpl Mileage
    2nd is engine heat after every ride even ride is of 1-2 km..
    please give suggestions how to improve this issues

  73. Aman

    my 220f stats creating jharr jharr sounds as I doesnot sounds smooth

  74. Shashank

    guys i owe A 2014 ,220f , 16500km on the odo
    the issue i have is that dsnt matter in whatever conditions (engine hot or cold)i start riding it .i hear a particular sound from the engine like a hammer striking on a nail and it increases along with the rpm and it is clearly audibly above 5k rpm .. wat may b the issue ?

  75. Shashank

    it remains low during initial acceleration but increases with the rpm …and its loud if i am with a pillon…

  76. Rajat singh hada

    I installed k&n in my pulsar 220f performance well 2 or 3 days then my bike is missing above 80 km … What to do… Plzzz suggested me

    1. Chavda aakib

      Soo what i ride abou 130 its not problem i also brought 220f new early 1 month but when i brought on firt day i ride 136 km. Then also nothig prbl.. my bike gives 42km.. millege

  77. Hitendra

    Hi, I am having Pulsar 180, after running my bike for 30 km if I switch off the engine then again try to restart it then bike doesn’t get restart, can you lead me to the issue,


    my 220f 2012 is not going more than 55 kmph also i think im having a worn clutch plates will it be resolved by changing the clutch plates

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  80. arjun sd

    i have bought a pulsar 180 and then i remodelled it with 220 doom ..after three years now i have issues with battery. i cannot start my bike in morning.. i changed my battery too.even though im getting the same problem again. kindly help me with this

  81. Chavda aakib

    Hii i also have 220f pulsar i brought new bike in 2016 but one problem is there my 220f is superb.. but when i was riding full speed its working properly but when 5th gear is came then 220f is outomatically came in 4th gear its not working in 5th gear ssoo plzz answer me why?? I ride only in 4th gear only

    1. Chavda aakib

      Plzz .. answer as soon as possible. So i will show my bike in bajaj showroom

  82. ankit kalyani

    Guyz i have pulsar 220 2011 model… on every start up the bike rpm goes high and in 10 to 15 seconds again it comes to normal idle Rpm… Wht shud i do can anyone help me out? another thing how would i come to know that my oil cooled system is working properly?

    1. Saurabh

      Same here,
      But this is not a problem as bajaj’s mechanics told me that this bike is with auto-choke.
      This is because of that auto-choke. No problem at all.

  83. Saurabh

    Hi guys,
    I have purchased a P220F this year and I am doomed. I have already changed the clutch plate on 5500KM due to hard gear shifting problems (As service center advised me)
    Now when I crossed 80KMPH and try to go 100 – 110KMPH instantly, the RPM meter suddenly crosses 11 and engine is making sounds like bike is neutral and we are giving accelerator. Then slowly slowly engine picks up the speed. This is very scary.
    Please help me out on this
    Cant wait for the 24th EMI
    after that I will burn this bike and post the video on bajaj fb page

    Beside this ,
    As this bike is new and under warranty, but bajaj;s asshole mechanics are not doing it under warranty.
    Please help.

  84. pritam

    pulsar 220
    petrol leaking from carburettor pin . now i have blocked that by rubber pipe… is it ok?

  85. dhanraj.s

    my pulsor 220 fairing model , parking lamp, speedo lamp and tail lamps are not working , while engine stop head lamp stop after few second that time only tail lamp and parking lamp working other time not working ; pls reply to me.

    1. Vaibhav

      This is to save the battery charging. Its Not an issue dont worry. Every pulsar do the same

  86. dipanshu chahar

    My pulsar 220 f has a problem in rear disc plate
    .it is sticking while running even i had changed full disc system with new one .than also i’m facing the same problem …what should i do ?

  87. Animesh pathak

    Hi guys , i have a pulsar 220 , In my bike evry thing is good except the mileage , it give me a mileage of 26 – 28 kmpl. In the previous comments i just got the solution . It was mentioned that turn the AIR FUEL RATIO (AFR) to optimum . My problem is that I can’t find the AFR in my bike , so please help me , please say me that where is the AFR is situated ?. and also tell me how to fix it . pls .

  88. Krishna

    Actually i have two 220, one is 2011 model. And another one 2016. Problem is with my new 2016 model pulsar. Its performance is poor, i can reach top speed of 140 with old pulsar. But new pulsar oly reach 129. What to do?? And after reaching 120 it vl start wobbling

  89. Vivek vohra

    My problem is that when i starty pulsar220f h laying down on right hand side I make tik tik sound and when I standing my bike on main stand it becomes normal sweet sound

  90. Yashwanth

    I have p220 2011 model, I have recently changed piston and some engine parts.
    I recently i facing a problem like while I’m riding my bike the engine turns off automatically again if i starts the bike it starts and it will get off.I changed two spark plugs but the problem is not resolved. Now the mechanic says that the cdi coil problem he repaired it.
    My question is can cdi coil be repaired or should i replace it with new coil… I mainly ride from one state to another state on my bike and i done want to stuck on the highways, i had the problem once…

  91. Vaibhav

    I own a pulsar 220 (2015 model). Rear wheel bearings gets damaged within a week i replace them. And if bolt is tightened to its full the tyre gets jammed and cant move even an inch. Also khissshhhhhh sound when rear brakes are applied. Please help me resolve the issue.

  92. abhishek sajwan

    My pulsar 220 is consuming engine oil very fast. And bike is also heating veey early….what problem could be there ?

  93. Praveen

    I put k&n filter for my pulsar 220 I am getting vibration in my bike when I reached 80 to 90

  94. Darshan Singh Yadav

    Hi All,
    I have purchased my Bajaj pulsar AS 200 in last year , it is 10 months old. And i am facing problem with the fuel injection.
    When i am speeding my bike quickly then it will stuck like my bike goes to the reserve(But Tank were full).
    It is very big issue with my bike. Please suggest me what to do in this condition.

  95. Vishnu

    pulsar 220f have a problem, in morning the sound is gud, after engine went hot there was noise from the right side of engine, what’s the problem

  96. Martin Raj

    Hi All,

    I got the 220F last week, everything works great. Have one questions, bike starts well in the morning and any first time. However the concern that I have is, bike dosent start even after riding for couple of KM’s. Recently I drove almost 20KM and when I switched off, it did not start at all.. after couple of tries, it started. Now I am scared to switch off while in traffic. Any suggestions or reasons?

  97. hamsrajpandre

    when my engine gets a bit heted it vl make some ghar ghar noise.
    in the moring start the engine vl be as smooth as showroom bike and
    when it ride it to 5 or 6 kms den that sound vl come.
    im so upset……

  98. Shubham Naik

    My Pulsar 220 head lights blows of again and again. I tried changing battery but the problem still continued. somebody please help me out with this problem.

  99. Ashim Ashraf

    Guys i just installed a new BMC air filter in my p220f ,it was done by a mechanic but now bike has high missing at rpm above 6 and also some cracks from the silencer my bike use to hit 140 but now due to missing problem i get only upto 115. I used an RRP jet which i got free with the filter ! What can i do to get rid of this missing??

  100. Jonny

    When I rev hard and go in straight line for few secs to touch 100kmph and suddenly break in to turn according to track left/right, my p220 handle becomes stiff and refuses to turn and I have to apply full force to turn right/left according to track, and while I am exiting corner to again throttle hard in straight line, my p220 handle again becomes stiff and refuses to return to center position. I am done changing the cone set at 19k kms and my current reading is 21k. What is the issue? Basically maneuvering left/right has become to stiff on my p220. I feel like my handle gets fixed/locked in one position when I am at high speed in straight line. Please give me some solution.

  101. Santu

    I have pulsar 220SF its have jerking problem while speed running and slow running especially in 3rd gear


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