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Why no safety in buses? A bus accident can cause death to 40 or 50 people!

Seat belts, airbags, ABS, TeS, carbon fibre bodies and brakes, crash tests etc. Well, the world looks quite a safe place, doesn’t it? Now let’s get down to earth. Because we are just talking about cars or better say super cars. But today even a normal car possesses at least half of these safety features.… Read More »

Audi incorporating LTE technology in their cars

WLAN, 4G connection and a huge data transfer rate are some of the main features of the new LTE technology that already incorporates Audi S3 Sportback and its gradually extended to other models. This new system connects the vehicle with the driver, with the Internet and with the environment. The new system LTE (Long Term Evolution) brings mobile… Read More »

Madrives Exclusive:Shhh, TVS Prepare 125cc Sportbike Cool!!

   Illustration: TVS Flame SR 125 We have got an exclusive news on TVS Motor company. TVS motor manufacturers is making new models for launching in world market. TVS roles in the international market will be increasing after TVS brings some cool sportbike models. Tvs believes that their production and sales will be increased a… Read More »