Yamaha R15 V1.0 V2.0 Problems, Upgrade Issues Parts And Services Complaints


This article is based on online research of problems in Yamaha R15 V1.0 and R15 V2.0. Also we have listed PRICES of R15 PARTS at the end of the article. For daytona racing kits details check here:- Daytona racing kit for yamaha r15 v2.0

Following problems were reported by customers for both versions of the bike:-

  • Rusting Problem- Few screws were rusting within a few weeks of delivering the bike. Also there is a little rusting on discs,handle down the chassis etc.



  • Hard  and uncomfortable rear seats in R15 V2.0. Seats are really very bad for long rides. You need to put a pillion when you go for long rides else it will be really a painful trip!
  • Riding posture not great for longer rides as all the force from your body comes to the wrists and you will feel severe wrist pain after a long ride.
  • Some weird noise come from rear brakes and rear brakes are not ABS so an hard braking may cause the disc lock. They should have added an optional ABS for R15.
  • Stock MRF tires of R15 finishes quickly.
  • Handlebar alignment and cone set issues are other major problems. Cone set is not available on many service centers.
  • Handle Play is another big problem. We can feel a slight deviation of handle when we go through humps or potholes.
  • Paint gets scratched easily. Tankpads should be used as person is always contact with the tank while riding. Any metal item on rider’s dress will  easily cause scratches.
  • Whenever an hard braking situation occur try to pull back yourself from tank side. Because most times hard braking will cause your ba*ls to hit the tank! One month back, friend of mine made a small bent on tank with his ba*ls. He was trying to avoid an accident by hard braking. So make sure you don’t dig a hole  like him on tankside.

Yamaha R15 parts

  1. Handle bar – cone set replacement- INR 4500/-
  2. Chain sprockets – INR 2500-3000/-
  3. Exhaust / Silencer Muffler -> Rs. 475/-
  4. Rear cowling (right side) -> Rs. 350/
  5. Right side Indicator -> Rs. 130/-
  6. Rear tyre-INR 4000/-
  7. Front break lever- Rs. 63/-
  8. rear break pedal – Rs. 110/-
  9. Neutral Switch  Assy- Rs.334/-
  10. Shaft,Rocker-Rs.334/-
  11. Brush Set-Rs.625/-
  12. Washer-Rs.1073/-
  13. HOLD,Fuel Tank-Rs.20/-
  14. Plate,Footrest-Rs.110/-
  15. Damper,Footrest2-Rs.15/-
  16. Plate,Pressure 2-Rs.227/-
  17. Seat,Valve Spring-Rs.232/-
  18. Stopper Lever Assy-Rs.51/-
  19. Plate,Clutch 2-Rs.219/-
  20. Ring Clutch Boss-Rs.102/-
  21. Pipe-Rs.27/-
  22. Grommet-Rs.59/-
  23. Nut,Lock-Rs.29/-
  24. Screw, Value Adjusting-Rs.116/-
  25. housing,Spring-Rs.205/-
  26. Spring,Clutch Boss-Rs.583/-
  27. Plate,Seat-Rs.146/-
  28. Damper 2-Rs.19/-
  29. Sprocket.Drive-Rs.1676/-

We will update with more parts and price soon. Stay tuned to this page for R15 V1.0 and V2.0 issues and parts details .

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  2. Venkat ram

    Hai how to adjust seat in r15 v2?
    Pls tell me
    is there anyway to make it comfortable for pillion rider?


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