Letter: Yamaha Please Launch YZF R25 R4, Don’t Make Us Wait!

Yamaha R25 R4

Due to requests from many people we are writing an open letter to Yamaha. As our website is checked by many Yamaha officials, we are writing this letter for requesting the Yamaha for launching R25 quickly.

Dear Yamaha,

Please don’t make the R25 launch so late. We are getting many requests to contact the Yamaha for making launch as soon as possible. Most of them who requested us have now bought KTM Duke 390, Ninja 300 etc. By making launch this much late you have lost many of the valuable customers.

If you are planning to launch R25 in India, then don’t make it this much delay. Because soon this year middle, Bajaj is coming with some awesome machines Pulsar SS400 and CS400. SS400 has already made a millions of fans including me. About pricing of pulsar bikes, they are the cheapest sports bike available in the country. KTM is also launching three new entry level cheap bikes in India.

In order to attract the people in India, you should to take care of  three things

  • Firstly the price of bike should be made cheaper. As you know RC200, RC390 etc are coming to our market in a price range of Rs. 1.2 lakh to Rs.2 lakh. So if you are making the price higher than these bikes then it’s better not to launch it on Indian market. Because people won’t buy R25 instead they will go behind RC series bikes. R25 should be manufactured locally in India so as to reduce the price. We know the European R series bikes (R125 etc) are made of high quality and if the bikes are made locally in India, quality can be reduced and thus you can reduce the pricing.
  • Second thing what Indians look for is the fuel efficiency (mileage) of bike. So for Indian R25 it’s better to give maximum mileage than the power and performance.
  • Third thing is that you must not make this much delay for the R25 launch. People are getting disappointed about Indian launch of this bike. If you are planning to launch, make an official confirmation on it. When Yamaha R125 was launched, we Indians expected it in our market. And then you made us fool by not launching that on Indian market. There are many bikes getting ready to be launched in our market. So by making the launch date so late, you are increasing the number of rivals!

What we expect from a company like Yamaha is a cheap powerful sports bike. Don’t make us wait this much for a product from your company.



If you have anything else to say to Yamaha , please comment below. Also subscribe our service below as we will notify you on the reply of Yamaha.

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3 thoughts on “Letter: Yamaha Please Launch YZF R25 R4, Don’t Make Us Wait!

  1. Mazualtea

    I agree to this message but not fully.. some of us (who are taking part in loca looking for a performance bike from yamaha. maybe they should make both single and double cylinder manufactured in India for maximum marketing and fans

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