September 28, 2023

Navigating Car Insurance Claims: My Experience with Onlia After a Total Loss


When my Mustang was totaled in a collision on the morning of March 23, 2023, I found myself navigating the intricate maze of car insurance claims. In this article, I aim to provide an inside look at my journey, detailing my experience with Onlia, my insurer, from the crash scene to the settlement cheque.

The Day of the Crash:

Following the collision, my Mustang was towed to Brouwers Service Centre in Moorefield, Ontario. Once safely at home that afternoon, I reported the accident to my insurance company, Onlia. I was assigned a Senior Claims Adjuster who would be my primary point of contact throughout the process.

The Immediate Aftermath:

To my relief, Onlia arranged a rental car for me on the same day through Enterprise Rentals. This prompt response allowed me to continue with my daily life with minimal disruption. I found the experience with Enterprise Rentals to be particularly pleasant, their professionalism and kindness contributing to a less stressful post-accident transition.

Negotiating the Settlement:

Insurance covered the rental car until May 4, 2023, giving me approximately one month of covered mobility. After this date, while Enterprise offered me a generous discount, the rental costs were my responsibility. This time constraint pushed me to expedite my negotiations with Onlia over my totaled Mustang’s valuation.

In my conversations with the Claims Adjuster, I voiced my concerns about their initial lowball estimate. I highlighted recent enhancements to the car, specifically mentioning the new brake pads and rotors installed mere weeks before the accident, an upgrade worth $2300.

Settling the Claim:

Despite feeling the pressure to return the rental car, I was adamant about getting a fair deal. In response to my persistence, Onlia presented a final offer. After weighing my options and considering the circumstances, I accepted this valuation. Onlia issued a cheque, and within four days, I received the payment.


Although the process was lengthy and, at times, a bit stressful, I appreciated Onlia’s consistent communication and fair negotiation. Their swift arrangement for the rental car and final payment demonstrated a decent level of efficiency. As a result, I chose to continue my insurance coverage with Onlia.

Navigating a total loss insurance claim can be a daunting task. My experience with Onlia showed that with the right approach and clear communication, it’s possible to negotiate a fair deal that takes into account the true value of your car.

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