Reveal Specs Price Launch Details Of Yamaha R25 YZF R250 R4


Its been a long time since Yamaha revealed the concept and production version of Yamaha R25. Rumors about R25 was begun earlier on last year. And it took so long time for Yamaha to reveal the concept model. Before the unveiling of concept version, people were confused with the names of this 250cc bike. There were lots of rumors about the bike name. Yamaha R4, R25, R250, R3 etc were the names given by the people for this 250cc bike. And by the revealing of concept model,the name Yamaha R25  has become popular.

After this people were eagerly waiting for the production version. Everyone in the auto industry were discussing about  the production version, power and performance of the bike. But then all of a sudden Yamaha revealed the production version just after few days of R25 introduction.After that there were no news about this monster machine.It seems that people have forgotten about the R25 as there are no new rumors about the bike.They know that it will take a bit of time for Yamaha to launch the bike in all markets and the price will be higher than other 250cc bikes.

Now the rumors are all about the upcoming KTM RC series bikes, Pulsar SS400, CS400 etc. Specs and price of the Yamaha YZF R25 R4 is not yet revealed. What we have is only the approximate details of the power and price figure. We don’t know why Yamaha is making the launch so late. For getting instant information on launch date, specs, price etc of Yamaha R25, subscribe our free email service below.

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